Buying Local

A Response to Lockdown

Wisconsin has been lifted from quarantine for little over a week and let me just say it is wonderful to be “free”. The process leading to our freedom(which was hard fought) is a post in and of itself, which I won’t cover here. And no matter what your view on the shelter in place orders you will agree that small and local business have been the hardest hit by the economic shut down. That’s why my sister and I headed to downtown Oconomowoc to do a little shopping.

Every store had it’s own policy on social distancing. But the consensus was a max of five people in the shop at one time. And most were wearing masks. (It is not law for people to wear masks in public in Wisconsin, though some business were encouraging it) But every single one of them were extremely grateful to be open!!

I can’t tell you how many times Taylor and I were thanked for coming out and for purchasing something- ANYTHING. They’re smiles and thanks and frankly giddiness was so genuine. It was so touching to see these individuals, who have worked so hard to establish profitable businesses being once again allowed to pursue the “American Dream”.

And this is were I petition you of who are able to buy locally. Support the fellow dreamers around you. Be the community we are always encouraged to be. Not one based or run by fear, but the real community built on the mutual hope and belief in freedom. I know I’m being passionate, but there are somethings to be passionate about and I still believe our country is one of them. Again I won’t go into politics. But I think we can all agree we love our country… and if we don’t well I guess that explains a lot.

Lots of love,


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