Coffee Traveling Kit

Oh to be traveling again! Hopefully soon things will be lifted enough to allow adventures to continue. But until then here is a coffee kit I put together for my future travels.

I think it’s safe to say I have become a coffee snob. I like my chosen roaster(Colectivo based here in Milwaukee) my pour over device, and so on. (Here’s another coffee post if ya interested) So much so I got sad back in March, when we were supposed to go to New Orleans and I would have been forced to leave my coffee at home. That’s when I decided no that wasn’t an option. Thus I set out to make the best Craft Coffee Traveling Kit I could!

What’s in the Kit?

  • Travel Scale– To measure out my water and coffee beans for the perfectly balanced cup.
  • Hand-powered Grinder– Since I can’t lug around my burr grinder… That is even a little too crazy for me.
  • Air-tight Coffee Container– To my precious safe and fresh.
  • Metal Ketal Wave Pour Over– I have a glass Ketal Wave at home(which I love) and I didn’t want to risk it getting damaged, so I but it’s metal twin.
  • Frother– Again I can’t log around my milk frother, so this battery option will have to do. (Boy do it do. A lot of might in a tiny package)
  • Metal Decanter- For my coffee brewing needs.
  • Filters- And of course plenty of filters for those extra cups you may want to indulge in.

(I can also pack my gooseneck kettle, though it doesn’t fit in my coffee bag.)

Well there she is! My Coffee Kit. For those of you who think I’m slightly crazy… yeah I am, but I make great coffee! Also to those of you who are like, “Why not just go to coffee shops?” Well yes, but my Kit is cheaper in the long run and unless I’m buying a specialty drink at a local cafe, I like my own coffee better. (Again yes I know I’m a snob)

Anybody else have a coffee kit for traveling? Has this inspired you to make your own? I’d love to know in the comments below.

Lots of love,