Summer Style Review

The family I work for is staying at a lake house this summer. Which basically translates to me being outside and in the water 24/7. Since I will probably be wearing my swimsuit like a second skin for two months I decided I wanted to purchase several sun dresses that I could just drape over my suit and go. Below are my finds!

Embracing My Inner Gypsy…

This gingham pattern day dress is a little more “dressed up” than the other looks below. I purchased it from ModCloth an online boutique, who’s styles are more vintage and feminine. Which is right up my alley. I look forward to purchasing more products from them. This dress is probably my new fav.

This skirt/shirt combo is from Albion Fit and is super casual and comfortable. Perfect for running after kids. And since the skirt is made of that super light, athletic material it cleans very easily.

Probably my favorite purchase is this hula skirt. It is awesome! If I could I would wear it all the time. Since the pattern is so colorful and chaotic it pretty much goes with everything. (I said pretty much)

This blue, silky skirt is super soft. The only downside is it is a little see through. But since I’m wearing it over my suit I don’t really mind.
This dress is to die for! It has two tie strings on both sides so it can either be as loose or form fitting as you desire.

That’s it for now my peeps! If ya need me I’ll be at the lake.

Lots of love,


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