Monthly Media Favs: June 2020

I feel like I have been really off with posts and am still struggling with that unmotivated slump I fell into a few months ago. So I’ll just first say I’m sorry. I’m sorry about the inconsistency of my posts and content. Then I will quickly follow that up with; I have no idea when I will get back to my dogma of three posts a week. But it probably won’t be till after summer. I will try my best to get you at least one post a week but even that might be spotty. I really don’t know how some of my fav bloggers turn out amazing(error free *wink*wink*) posts every day, every week. But then I have to remind myself that that’s their job and I have a full time career, plus church and friends. So yeah sometimes it is a struggle to get myself motivated, or frankly to have enough energy after chasing kids all day to write out a single sentence. Forget it being intelligible or interesting.

Anyway I don’t want to make excuses or give myself an out to be a lazy writer, but anyway there you have it. I hope you guys are all doing good and having pleasant summers. Now let’s get into the reason you guys are actually reading this. Here are my media favs for June 2020!!

TV Shows/Series

  • The Mentalist- Only one show to put on this month’s list, since this is literally all I have been binging. As I am sure I have mentioned to you guys before I hate watching shows or series before they’re completely over. That way I don’t have to wait for a year, or longer, for the next season(looking at you Last Kingdom, Lost in Space and Agents of Shield- Oh and The Crown!) Anyway The Mentalist has made it as one of my favorite shows ever(though I’m only half way through season four so sentiments could change- Also no Red John spoilers!) I feel a personal connection to Cho, I simply adore the whole team’s dynamic and like how even characters you met in season one are brought back if the story calls for it. Too good!
  • Agents of Shield- I guess I should put this one here too. It’s the last season of probably one of my all time fav shows(next to Merlin) I don’t know quiet how I feel about this season yet- I have more questions then answers at this point- but in general and since I have such a love for the characters- I’m hooked. Plus they have never disappointed with their story arcs. My sister and I have already decided that once the final season is over we are starting from the beginning for an ultimate marathon!


  • Umm I can honestly not think of a single movie I have watched this month.


  • Artemis– I am hooked on this new album by Lindsey Stirling. Listened to the whole album one morning while the kids ate breakfast and even they liked it, so it most be good.
  • Homesick by Dua Lipa- This has been the month of depressing songs. Don’t ask me why but I have been playing this song and the one below on repeat.
  • Sinking In by Katelyn Tarver– Sometimes YouTube comes through with an actually good suggestion and this is a score. It’s so depressing and beautiful. Which apparently is what I am in too right now.
  • Evita the Musical– Speaking of depressing how about a whole musical about a woman’s life and most importantly death? Being a true show tunes junkie I have of course heard some of the songs from this musical, but I have never listened to it in context and all the way through. Of course this musical is amazing and it has gone on my list of Musicals To See(I have a lot of lists in my head)


  • The Girl Who Would Be Queen by Jane Ann McLachlan- It’s very rare for me to find I book I absolutely dislike. One that’s above my comprehension or simply too cheesy, yes but it’s hard for me to say I simply dislike a book. Well I totally dislike this book. I was excited to give it a try because I wanted to learn about the notorious Queen Joanna of Naples, who was mentioned in The Great Mortality by John Kelly, since her trail with the Pope at the height of the Black Death is infamous. So when I found this historical novel I was thrilled. Imagine my dismay when I found out the book wasn’t from Joanna’s perspective but her sister’s. And that the murder of Joanna’s husband(what she was on trail for) was covered in rush in the last chapters of the book. And that her trail wasn’t in it at all! I’m not sure what the purpose of this book even was. So yeah not a good one guys. (Remember only my opinion. If you absolutely love this book please do not be offended)
  • In the Shadow of Jezebel by Mesu Andrews- Taking a break from my medieval history tour I was recommended this book by a friend and have basically finished it in four days. I love how biblically accurate it is and how it really helps bring the characters to life.

Lots of love,


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