General Check-in

How is everybody doing?

I feel like life around here has been rather regular the last couple of weeks. No big splashes, except in the lake water. And no exciting nanny related events worth writing a blog post about. Not that I’m complaining! This summer full of hot, water logged days have been glorious. Lake life is everything I dreamed it would be and life has just got this contented blanket over it. (Let’s pray it lasts- But I know my heart is prone to wonder)

My sister and I took a night, paddle board ride… So serene and quiet.

Some new-ish things that have been giving me joy- It’s the simple things- I thought I would share with you guys below…

Vietnamese Coffee~

Well what did you expect? At least I am consistent with my pursuits. So what is Vietnamese coffee?

I would describe it as an espresso shot that is creamy and very sweet. In other words it’s buzzingly amazing! I saw this recipe on Pinterest and just had to try it. So I order the coffee press from Amazon and eagerly awaited it’s arrival. Today I officially tried the recipe. It’s very easy to make once ya know what you’re doing and it’s very much like using a pour over device. So right up my alley! If you are a coffee lover I think you’d enjoy this one.

Paddle boarding~

Like hinted at above I have been doing quiet a bit of paddle boarding. I even ordered my own paddle board! (So excited! This is the one I ordered.) And I am officially proud of myself. I paddle half way around the lake(and back) on a very windy day and only fell in thrice. Which I don’t think is too shabby for a beginner. (For those of you who don’t know paddle boarding is like kayaking on a surf board. So you’re standing up on this long board. Balance is key and I am not a very graceful person- lol)


New musical? I’m hooked!! Like seriously hooked. This musical is the about the Greek tragedy of Orpheus and Eurydice. Basically it’s if Greek mythology met New Orleans music. The songs, the story, the voices… Ah man. Don’t take my word for it, listen to it yourself here.

Soup in July~

Finally last week, for some odd and still unexplained reason, I was craving soup. So like any modern person I turned to Pinterest for summer soup suggestions. And I found quiet a few that looked tasty, however I finally settled on this one.

A cabbage, potato, sausage soup that left you with a heartily filled stomach. It was relatively easy to make(it all cooks in one pot) though I think next time I’ll add an onion and instead of leeks. It need some more pizzazz.

Anyway that’s it. How has your week been? Been up to anything fun?

Lots of love,


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