It’s Okay Being Just Okay

Soapbox Warning!! If you’re not in for a rant don’t read.

Ya know I love blogging and watching YouTube videos. But sometimes it gets kinda irritating. It comes to some place where I feel like the pressure of, “You should listen to me because I have a YouTube channel and am therefore know more about life than you.” Or I should say, that I notice when I spend so much time watching a particular channel or reading a particular post I feel like I need whatever it is they have. Or whatever I have isn’t enough for that insta life.

Now I know what you’re about to say, “But Tally you’re berating your own blog then. Because you’ve promoted products on your site.” True and I also get the commercial side of these influencers. That for many of them this is how they make money. Totally get it and I am in no why saying they’re evil for doing it. Not what I am saying at all.

So what am I saying?

That it’s okay to be you. You don’t need the next beauty trick, the next trend, the next fad, or whatever. The truth is this world will never ever satisfy! Like ever.

Have you ever bought something because you just had to have it, but then like three weeks later you notice you haven’t even used it yet? As humans we are constantly looking for something to satisfy us, to give us purpose. It’s how we’re hard wired. But if nothing in this world will fill that void what are we to do? If no career, partner, shirt, lipstick, food, or goal will ever completely satisfy us, what do we do? Go crazy?

No way!!

We need to stop looking on earth for the answer, because it isn’t there. As humans our preprogrammed void is God shaped. He created us to constantly be searching. To be searching for Him. And take a deep breath guys, because God isn’t hiding some behind distance star where we can’t find Him. He has revealed Himself. He has told us in the Bible(His Word) how we can come to Him, through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Oh great Tally has gone all religious on us. Good! If I knew the secret to the universe, to ultimate satisfaction and kept it to myself what would that make me? A jerk. And that’s putting it mildly. If I never promote anything else on this blog but the saving and cleansing work of Jesus Christ, than so be it. Guys this world is scary and frankly it is getting scarier all the time. That’s because this world is passing and filled with the sins of men. So if this world is passing and even while it’s here it won’t(can’t) give us what we need. Why do we hesitate? Don’t hesitate. Please if you have any questions about my faith or what a relationship with Christ looks like leave a comment, send an email, or DM me on any of my social sites. I’ll get off the soapbox now.

Lots of love,


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