Stitch Fix August 2020

Hello all! It’s been forever since I have done one of these reviews(here’s the last one) But with moving between two houses back and forth and just the craziness that is life right now I have been a bit distracted. But I am going to do another catch up post either this week or Wednesday of next week(so look for it) I feel like my blog has almost become me apologizing every two weeks for not writing for two weeks. I’m so bad. Ugh. Anyway with out further ado this is what I got in the box…

Market&Spruce T-shirt Dress

(Okay first off excuse the horrible lighting it was in the evening. Also my bathroom is a disaster but again I’m moving from one house to another. Finally excuse my no makeup-ness. I had just gotten down working out and showering, when I remembered I needed to take pics- lol Okay moving on)

So the first thing in the box was this super cute and comfy t-shirt dress. The price was $64. The navy and off white stripes were totally my jam. However I didn’t end up keeping this dress because I have one almost exactly like it.

See… okay not totally the same, but similar enough for me.

Mason&Belle Top/Just USA Shorts

Okay so tough decisions were made here people. I loved- absolutely loved this top! Unfortunately it did not pass the nanny test. As in it’s white and not conducive to me crawling around on the floor like a three year old. And at $42 I felt like it was a bit much to pay for a top I would only wear once or twice a summer.

The shorts however($44) were so stinking cute and comfortable that I couldn’t pass them up. I had been needing a good pair of jean shorts so yay!

ChampionxRifle Paper Co. Keds

I know awful pic but I forgot to take one(eye roll)

I think you guys know I have a slight obsession with Keds snickers… I only own like four or five pairs! (Yikes) and I would have kept these but paying the full price($60) when I know I can get them cheaper… ??? Yeah no brainer. But don’t be shocked if these end up in my closet.

E&M Button Down Cami

The final thing in the box was this cute cami. But it didn’t necessarily speak to me on a deep enough level to pay $24 for it.

So all in all this was a very good box and I am so happy with my denim shorts. The total of this box was $238. I’m getting another box in September which I am super excited for because I have asked my stylist to help with some pieces for a family trip that’s coming up. But more on that later(wink)

Lots of love,


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