Brim Coffee Maker Review

Hello all! So ya know how I am a coffee snob? Yes total control freak when it comes to the brown liquid of life and happiness. And ya know how I love to share my obsession with anyone who will listen? Well I may or may not have corrupted my boss into my cult of the coffee bean. (Lol- but seriously)

I made her maybe a handful of my specially crafted coffee and she(like everyone else who has ever tried a pour over) was hooked. But let’s be honest here making a pour over every morning takes time. 5-6 minutes actually. And because you are completely in control of the brewing time and water distribution(which is what makes it taste so good) you can’t multitask. Trust me I have tried. And ended up with a cup either under extracted or way over. Yuck!

Anyway thus lead my boss(and me) in a search for a coffee maker that makes craft quality without you having to stand there and completely obsess, making sure all the grounds are equally exposed to water.

When she found the Brim Coffee Maker on Amazon for only $178- (which is very reasonable) we thought this was the one! It looks awesome. It blooms the coffee and it gets the water(which most coffee makers can’t do) to the ultimatum temperature.

The coffee itself was hot, flavorful and not bad. Now I will be honest that it didn’t convince me, the ultimate coffee snob to give up my pour over. But it is reasonable to assume that I would have used if I was crunched for time.

Yes I realize I used the past tense, “would have..” Meaning the maker didn’t make the cut? Funny thing(and honestly probably why it is so cheap) is that after half a dozen uses the internal components of the maker, which are plastic- Yea plastic! Get so overheated that’s all you can taste and smell in your coffee.

Obviously the idea of a coffee maker like this is to make a perfect cup of coffee like a pour over without the hassle. So having your coffee taste like hot plastic isn’t exactly the outcome one would hope for.

So in summary: The concept of this coffee maker is brilliant but it’s acceptance of poorer quality material(in an attempt to keep the price down) rob the machine of it’s ability to give you a decent cup of jo. I unfortunately wouldn’t recommend this one to anyone.

Back to the research for the perfect coffee maker(that isn’t $1000 of dollars) and that elusive cup of coffee. When we find the next candidate I will give you guys my thoughts. If you are curious about craft coffee and pour overs here and here are two posts for your interests.

Lots of love,


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