Making Life Decisions on Wednesday Mornings

Ominous title. Feel the drama… lol But yes I decided to try a dieting app(Noom) on Wednesday three weeks ago. But what lead to this decision to ignore all my past dieting experience? Why now? To answer this we must go back to I a post before COVID, when I discovered a book(Lift like a Girl) and decided weight lifting might finally get me into the shape I’ve wanted to be in for a long time. Read post here.

Well best intentions… And then COVID. Gym closed and when it does eventually reopen you have to wear a mask… That doesn’t sound enjoyable at all. Like at all, at all. I mean I already feel like I’m suffocating in those things. Let’s add a higher heart rate and physical excursion to ease those feelings. Anyway my plans to get in shape and gain some physical confidence go hurriedly out the window.

Now for those of you, who are about to say you’re not that big or out of shape. I say true! I generally like the way I look and I know dropping to my goal weight want make me feel any more self-satisfied(here’s a post on that subject) But it’s also true to say I have always(except for maybe two or three times) carried 10-15 pounds more than I need. And I have very little muscle mass. I have never played sports or been a dancer(sadness over that) or anything else super physical. In all honesty it has never been my passion and for the longest time I told myself I could never be.

I could never be in good shape. Like not a beef cake, but not a pudding cake either. Somewhere safely in the middle. I could never lift weights or be described as that active girl. Well I don’t care if I can never be all that. But my body can do more than I think it can.

Making this decision has also required me to swallow some of my own hypocrisy thinking(and please forgive me) that women obsessed with exercise are crazy… and maybe they are. But in a good way I think now. Yes you can take exercise to the extremes just like you can taking eating and loading on the coach to extremes. Neither of which are healthy or good for your body. Moderation people, moderation.

Anyway I have been doing the Lift Like a Girl program for three weeks(along with my diet) from home. Along with doing stretches and getting back to 3-4 mile walk on a regular basis. And swimming and paddle boarding- Darn it if it hasn’t been… dare I say it… FUN! I know someone call the guys in white coats. And yes since it’s only week three of my new life of activity, let’s not get carried away and say all my old habits are dead to me. No such luck unfortunately. If only it was so easy, like flipping a switch off and on. No it’s about building habits and that takes time and practice. My goal right now is to survive my first month and then we’ll conquer the next month and then the next. Until years go by. Man I can’t even think about that right now.

So in concluding: pray for me guys. Ultimately my body is a temple to the Lord, both inside and out. And no matter what I do to my outside if my insides aren’t aligned with God, than it’s a waste. But since my body is the Lord’s I want to be a good steward and make wise decisions. Also I won’t be doing another post about this, because I want my motivation not to be(and don’t take this the wrong way) but driven by anyone else’s opinion. I’m not doing this for approval. Okay chatty Kathy is done.

Lots of love,


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