Nannying: How to Survive Family Visits

Hello everyone! It has been an age and half since I have done a proper nanny related post and let’s just say it is way overdue. For those of you who might be new and just stumbled onto my site let me first say: WELCOME! My name is Tally and I am a professional, live-nanny of six amazing kids. My blog deals a lot with the things I have learned in my 2 1/2 years in this profession(follow my journey here) plus my other interests(fashion, reading, writing, food, travel etc.) So please feel free to browse, my topics tend to wander.

I believe I mentioned this in an earlier post this year, but the family I work for purchased a lake, summer home and I have spent the last four months in sunshine bliss. But with the coming of fall(yay! Favorite season by far) and the dreaded return of school(look forward to a post on this subject) we are officially moved back in to normalcy.

Over the summer my work family had many relatives visit them and the new summer home, which got me thinking that I needed to do a post on how to handle when relatives visit. Because frankly it can be one of the most awkward times in nanny hood.

Okay so let me just say right of the get go that I have been never been made to feel purposefully uncomfortable by my bosses or any of their relatives. However it is just awkward to be in the back ground while more then a dozen people are milling about the house.

Just ignore me… Awkwardly standing here…

My work load goes down a little bit when my bosses’ have company for the simple fact that the little ones tend to want to hang out with Grandma more than with me.(I know shocking right) So my role because more making sure they get fed and get napped, wiped and bathed every once and awhile. It can be confusing to navigate when to step in and take care of the kids and when to quietly disappear into the background. Below I have composed a list of my top things to remember when there is work company.

  • The Schedule becomes more like a guideline-

So the first thing to remember(and I think it is the first thing on all my lists) is to go with the flow. Nap and feeding schedules, bath and laundry schedules- everything can go out the window for the week or two relatives have come to call. The kids are excited to see their cousins, so let them be. Be that watchful shadow, who will step in with a snack or a reminder to share the toys. But don’t try to control the situation. You’ll just make yourself frustrated and the kids.

  • Make yourself helpful

No it might not be in your job description to make lunch for everyone or help with the extra laundry, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be helpful. I hate- absolutely hate– standing around and looking like a loafer. That is not how my parents raised me. If I’m working, I’m working. Plus being helpful is always appreciated. And makes interactions with the relatives less awkward.

  • Lastly remember it isn’t forever

Like anything in life; the good and the bad, it doesn’t last forever. Schedules go back to normal and relatives go home. So just be patient and gracious while stuff is stressful. If there is another point I could stress before we close it would be this: In the end you work for your employers. So if they’re happy with what you are doing don’t worry about anyone else’s opinion. You might feel like your work in under a microscope(and it might be) or that the relatives feel just as uncomfortable with you being around. But don’t forget who you work for. And who’s opinion in the end is the only one that matters. (Ultimately as a Christian I work for God, so if I do my best for Him I know no matter what He is in control of the outcome.)

Anyway if you have any questions about this or other nanny related topics feel free to leave a comment or DM me on any of my social accounts.

Lots of love,


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