Assistant Teaching

In the crazy year that has been 2020, why not throw homeschooling into the mix? For many parents the unpredictability of schooling (whether or not public schools are going to stay open and for how long etc.) has come with the joy that is not online schooling. So, many have just taken the leap and turned headlong into homeschooling. (Which I totally applauded) This includes the family I work for.

So let’s get some background:

  1. The family I work for was already heavily involved in homeschooling. My boss(a former special education teacher) has homeschooled her older boys since kindergarten. But the four Littles, who are close in age(2 in first grade, one in kindergarten and one entering preschool) It was a little too much to handle. Until now that is.
  2. I was homeschooled all the way through high school. That’s right; I am the product of my parents’ prayers, tears and “are we messing up our kid?” questions. That being said, I 100% back homeschooling. Obviously not everyone has the time to invest(with jobs and what not) But let me just tell you the benefits out way any of the obstacles or fears.

Okay let me also say I will not be debating homeschooling in this post. If you want a discussion on the pros and cons of homeschooling and whether or not it ruins a child socially, we can have that talk. Happy to do it. We can also tackle how to get started with homeschooling, if that seems like a daunting task. I can interview the Mom’s I know who have homeschooled for years and some who are just getting started. Heck we could do a post from the kids point of view. What they like and don’t like about being homeschooled. Kids who are in school now and those who have successfully graduated. Though I might be getting too far ahead of myself here. Sorry about that. But seriously if that would be something you guys are interested in leave a comment down below.

In this post though I just want to cover the difference between a nanny and a governess. To help determine, which career path you want to take. Also to give you a run down on the pros and cons of agreeing to step into the duel role I am playing this school year of nanny/governess. Whether it’s a stress worth taking(every new adventure is a little stressful) Ready?

Nanny vs. Governess

So what’s the difference? Is there a difference? Yep big difference. So basically a nanny takes care of the kids:

  • Feeding
  • Changing Diapers
  • Buying clothes
  • Laundry
  • Running them to school/other activities
  • Bathing them

Ya get the idea. As I have said many times before: Nannying is as close to motherhood as you can get without being a mom. (Just a hint- Mom’s do a lot more) A governess however tends to deal just with the schooling aspect of child care. They strictly deal with lessons of any and every kind of subject:

  • Music
  • Foreign Language
  • School Subjects

That beginning said when a family hires a governess they tend to look for a candidate who has some form of college education. Also some of the better paying governess jobs I have run a cross(and nanny jobs for that matter) are looking for some who is bilingual.

Juggling Both

Now there are cases(and because of Covid, becoming more common) where families are looking for both. Some even are looking for nannies who are willing to juggle housekeeper, personal assistant and governess roles(yikes) But there can be advantages of wearing several different hats.

  • Longevity of job- I mean I think that would be pretty obvious. A nanny tends to be more needed around when there are babies(because babies require constant attention) and therefore as the kids get older and go to school all day your role becomes smaller or even disappears. (On to the next family with babies) But if you’re the one doing the teaching… Potentially you could work with one family until the kids graduate high school.
  • Experience- Experience is key. I personally think it trumps a college education every time. (Well maybe unless you are a brain surgeon or a nuclear scientist) Any time you can soak up a new skill to stick on your resume the better. But only pick up the skills you actually could see yourself doing ten years from now. Looking to the future I could easily use the skill of teaching homeschooling to further and enhance my career. Or if I had kids of my own I could still use this skill. Does that make sense?

Okay but what about the cons?

  • Stress- Ah yes… you might be working more and more. And then there are the expectations from your bosses that you don’t ruin their kid. I am so privileged that my boss has a background in education because she knows exactly what she wants accomplished in the school year. I cannot imagine doing this without her clear vision and guidance(learning a lot here).

(Pause here. Now you might work for a family who is just starting homeschooling and wants you to set up the program- DON’T PANIC. I can do a post on the best programs for new homeschoolers. These are all inclusive programs that give you everything you need in one nice bundle. Then you just follow the instructions. Comment below if ya wanna see something like this)

  • Kid Stress- So teaching can be frustrating. Especially when one kid is a sponge for info and the other doesn’t seem to care and just complains the whole time. (Bonus kids like to switch roles just to keep things interesting) Or when a child won’t accept anything but perfection from him/her-self and shuts down if they don’t get a new concept instantaneously. Deep breath everyone.

Is it worth it then?

In my mind it is, obviously since I agreed to it. The advantages and experience I am gaining both for my career(cause this is my career) and for myself(learning how to deal with a perfectionist child and how I handle that stress) are incalculable. So yeah…

Wow really long post and a lot of info. If you guys have any questions please let me know.

Lots of love,


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