Skills to Consider Investing In

I’ve had the idea for this post for quiet a bit now but haven’t been that inclined to finish it. But I thought I would make a quick list of skills a nanny/governess should consider investing in.

A throw back to the lake this summer… missing the warmer weather.

Another Language-

I mean when could you not benefit from learning another language? Any employer would be excited to see it listed on your resume. As far as languages to learn go, of course any of the more frequently spoken: Spanish, French, and if you’re very adventurous Mandarin. But maybe if phonetics aren’t your thing learning ASL is a plus or Latin(from a homeschooling perspective this is a plus. Homeschoolers love their Latin)

Another plus from learning another language is that many families are specifically looking for a traveling nanny(one ad I saw said they traveled six months of the year- but you had to be speak another language) So if that kind of job peeks your appeal definitely invest in the bilingual experience.

Musical Instrument

Much like learning another language, when wouldn’t you benefit from learning an instrument? Homeschoolers love this(governess material please) and many families want their kids at some point or another to pursue a musical instrument. The ability to read sheet music and bang away(even if you’re not Mozart) at a tune is a plus!

Arts and Crafts-

Just a little added bonus, but if you have a natural inclination to arts and crafts this is definitely something to list on your resume. Many parents would love you to be able to stimulate their littles’ minds with art and creating things. The kiddos I work with love the “projects” I throw together.


We’re talking tennis, soccer, running, etc. Much like arts and crafts if you have a natural inclination to a sport or a particular physical activity(like swimming) this is something you could also list on your resume. I guess just a big thing to remember is that some of your hobbies can be beneficial for your career.

Another thing I want to stress here guys is that you don’t need to possess all of these skills, nor do you need to invest in all of them. These are merely ideas for you if you wanted to add a little something, something to your resume.

And that’s it guys! Have a great day and a very happy Thanksgiving!

Lots of love,


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