Weight Loss Check-in

For those of you who read my post five months ago(dang where did the time go?) I thought I would do a very brief update on my fitness, health and weight loss journey. While also sharing some of my favorite fitness content and a few things I have learned, while pursuing my goals.

But just as a recap let’s look back at where this all started. Back before COVID I decided I wanted to get in a bit better shape. I wasn’t upset with my weight nor the way I looked. But I knew that for pretty much all my life I have carried around 10-15 pounds more than I should. I also have never been a very graceful, coordinated person. I hated being intimidated by “physical” things. Basically in a nutshell I was tired of telling myself I couldn’t do things… things I had never even tried doing.

That’s when I discovered Lift Like a Girl by Nia Shanks(read post here) and thought I had found my avenue to fitness- Weight training or resistance training. So I got my first ever gym membership(read post here) and then…

COVID Happened…

Gyms closed and my health journey was put to the side. Then in August I just randomly decided it was time to try again. Thus I started dieting via the Noom app, walking 3-4 miles a day, and weight training at home three to four times a week. These were gradual things I worked into my life. From the get go my goal was to build habits that lasted and didn’t disappear five days later.

Well guys I am five months in and 25 pounds down.

Five months, 25 pounds and two dress sizes difference!

But more important to me than the weight loss(which don’t get me wrong is amazing- two dress sizes down guys) is the fact I can now do squats without falling over(with a weights by the way) And I can do lunges, again with weights! Push-ups still allude me, but long term goals right? And I can do so many other crazy exercise things I never would have thought were possible!!

Guys I can do a handstand!

Granted it’s still against the wall- but still! I have never been able to do handstands. I am so thankful for this journey that I am still going on. Because this is a lifestyle change guys. I look forward to working out after work and miss it when I skip it. Handstands are a blast to do. So yeah this is crazy to be writing!

Tips + Helps

Below are just a few of my fav weightless/training resources and a few tips I have learned so far.

  • BodyFitbyAmy– Kettlebell and Dumdbell work out videos on YouTube. Plus lots, lots more. She’s an energetic coach without being annoying or condescending. Love her content!
  • Lucy Lismore– Inspiration queen! She gives real life practical advice of someone who’s gone through this wellness journey herself. She inspired me to try handstands. Just super knowledgeable.
  • Maddie– stretch’s and body weight exercises. I love her content. And am eager to try more of here workout related videos.
  • Noom dieting app- Obviously this app gave me my intentional start with my diet. But it is a bit pricey with a subscription. Check below for a free version. But with the Noom app you do get a fitness coach and accountability with their “community”. I however found I didn’t need that extra support to push for my goals. So yeah… Just check out both and see which is a better option for you.
  • FatSecret app- This is basically a free version of Noom. You can do in app purchases through this app as well.


  • Drink lots of water- Get yo-self a big ole water bottle and just drink that. I have lives this year on water, Bubly and hint water. Yummy!
  • Find motivation- Lifestyle not fad! Make sure you are not doing this for anyone else than yourself. And that you are doing it for good reasons. To be healthy, active and so forth. Not to achieve some perfect body that meets the impossible standards this world puts on us.
  • Cut portions in half- no such thing as bad foods. And you don’t really need to diet just eat less. Seriously make yourself a plate and then take off half. Trust me.
  • Eat your calories- eating too low stunts weight loss. Just like eating too much packs on weight if you eat way lower than your allotted calorie intact you will stunt your weight loss. Your body will basically go into survival mode because it thinks it’s starving(which it is) and it will hold on to the food. You have to trick your body into burning the same calories as all ways.
  • Listen to your body- don’t beat yourself up about missing a work out or eating above your calorie intake one day. It’s not the end of world. Remember your building habits and that takes time.
  • Find exercises you like- Trust me this helps sooo much. I found I love weight training and hate cardio focused workouts. So I weight train and leave the cardio for here and there. Thus I love working out.

Okay that’s all. Remember I am not a professional(like at all) and am in the process of learning all of this too. Also everyone’s bodies are different, so listen to yours. Anyway like last time I am not going to do another post about my fitness journey for awhile(big secret and all) Until next time…

Lots of love,


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