What I Eat In A Day

… If I’m working.

Felt I needed to clarify that, because when I’m not working my eating habits vary slightly. (Normally I forget to eat- oops) Anyway since I have been really digging my own meal preps here of late I thought I would share a few with you. Bon’apiti!


Here I am having my craft coffee(Colectivo’s Winter Wonderland blend) with just a dash of 1/2+1/2. Plus strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and half of a banana. Then half of a light English muffin and a scoop of fat free cottage cheese. Before eating I smooshed all my fruit on my muffin making a mini fruit pizza. So yum!

Breakfast is that meal of champions, that grand starter of the day… Why do so many people try to skip you? I cannot and never have been able to skip my most favorite meal of the day. I have to have my breakfast(coffee) before anything serious can even remotely be done. So even on my days off this meal remains pretty much the same. Every other day I try to have an iron, protein rich smoothie(since I hate taking my iron supplements and I have to hide them) Or I do overnight oats, chia pudding, Greek yogurt, cottage and fruit, oatmeal, etc. But normally lots of fresh fruit.

One because it’s delicious and two because it looks pretty. Banana spilt with yogurt.


Oh look more fruit! So here we have spinach greens, a fried egg, an apple(shared with the kids) half a mandarin orange, celery, cucumbers, raspberries and my fav blueberries. Topped with a tablespoon of salsa and guacamole.

Lunch is probably the easiest meal for me to forget to eat. Especially when I am working since I am normally trying to feed four hungry kiddos in between school times, laundry and naps. But I normally do something similar to the above option. A spinach salad topped with… something. Leftover chicken stir fry, grilled chicken, leftover… some kind of protein to tide me over till afternoon snack.

Same salad as above but this one has leftover lemon chicken and a hard boiled egg on it. Not that you could tell with all the other goodies.

Afternoon Snack(over as I like to call it the 2nd Cup of Coffee)

Say hold up! That ain’t coffee… no, no it’s not. On this particular day I was trying to be good and stick to one cup of coffee. So I had hot tea instead with a dash of honey. It was torture. The tea was good but it was not coffee.

I have a really hard time “making” it to supper without eating again. And why should I have to try and make it till dinner? Afternoon snacks aren’t just for kids people. Normally I have fruits or veggies with peanut butter. But since we had this amazing bean dip I took advantage.

This is a tiny snack mainly because I couldn’t decide what I wanted. But it’s bean dip, carrots, cucumbers and that other half of a mandarin orange… yeah not my best.


Okay so I had leftover Chinese takeout for dinner a top a spinach salad(gotta have me spinach)

This is how dinner normally works for me on “work days” I eat with the work-family and whatever they’re having or eat whatever I have leftover in my stash for the week. I think I’ll do another post of what I eat when I’m off because that’s when I normally make food for myself and my sister to eat on for the rest of the week.

Evening Snack

To be totally honest with you I normally don’t eat an evening snack. Either because on my nights off I wait to have dinner with my sis, when she gets off or because dinner while working was super satisfying. Yeah so not much of an evening snacker.

There you have it guys my meals for a work day. Plus quiet a bit of water and Bubly. I hope you enjoyed this.

Lots of love,


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