Cuisine Challenge 2021

New topic alert! So I have been toying with an idea and this morning it finally crystallized in my brain. Which means it is ready to share with you guys! And who knows maybe you guys will want to do it too.

Rosemary Chicken and Dumplings… literally the best!

The Idea…

I realize I have been doing a lot of food content of late(sorry about that) but during the cold winter months of Wisconsin there isn’t really a whole lot more to do to be honest. But since I am… Me. I do tend to go over board on things obsessively and then will eventually come back down to earth. So just bare with me guys.

Anyway I was going a bit crazy with pinning recipes and scheming what I was going to make every week that I was driving my sister and myself crazy with food. So we decided to randomize our culinary habits.

Cream Puffs I made over the summer.

For the love of cooking…

The idea is that we have a jar filled with slips of paper that each have a random written on them. The words ranging from “French” to “Lemon” to “Southern Soul Food” to “Street Food”. And we will pull out a slip every Sunday and I have to come up with a menu for the week revolving around that word. A menu will include a breakfast dish, a sweet dish, a bread or bun, a main dish with at least one side. (And during the cold months probably a soup as well but maybe not all the time)

Garlic, rosemary loaf.

For the love of travel…

We both thought this would be a fun way to stretch our pallets and my culinary abilities, while adding the unknown excitement. And since most of the words revolve around locations, it gives us the ability to travel and experience other cultures without leaving our little apartment… well except to run to the grocery store.

My famous oatmeal bake.

For the love of a challenge!

So the challenge is set. We will make our dishes(or rather I will) taste the creations from one(that was just the worst) to ten(words cannot describe how much I love you) and Tay will do the dishes! For. The. Rest. Of. The. Year.

I made “heavy” beignets… so I made them poorly but they tasted good.

Now it’s your turn…

If you guys would like to witness culinary history as we embark on this journey(or maybe join us on this challenge by making your own jar) I will be making a brief post every Monday to record our progress and also to give you the new word for the week. Also I would highly recommend following me on Instagram for in the moment reporting. (If you do plan on joining us please leave a comment down below) So here’s to 2021 and to the wonderful world of food!

Lots of love,


P.S. While Tay and I plan to do this faithfully there might be a week or two throughout the year where we will skip our food journey, because of work, travel, time constraints or sickness and so forth. I think that goes saying but just so we’re all on the same page. Happy cooking!

One last pic of some good food(shrimp pasta) to entice you over to the foodie side.

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