The Art of Beginning Single

Happy Valentine’s to all you lovely, lovely people! Well it’s another year, another post on how I am surviving singleness. (Here’s two more for your perusal: here and here)

A craft I did with the kids this week.

Quiet honestly I was tempted not to do this post. I didn’t want to keep beating a dead horse as it were, but in the end enough has happened this year on the singleness front that I felt it worth mentioning. Maybe it would be helpful to someone else in the same boat like me.

No don’t get excited I am still single. But this last year both of my very close friends got married… Or are in the process of getting married. One married in September(so gorgeous!) and one is all set to say “I do” at the end of March. So yeah.

While being extremely excited for both them(and the super awesome guys they’ve taken in) I think you would know I was lying if I said it didn’t slightly sting. I wouldn’t be human otherwise. That instant sense of discontentment and wondering, “What’s wrong with me?”

In the end as I look at my friends and their spouses do you know what I see? Perfect timing. And men worth waiting for. My goal for the year(if I can call it a goal) is to be content with where and who I am. God is good and faithful and His plans always exceed my own. Which I know and I tell myself all time, but it needs to become less a head knowledge thing and more a heart belief.

With this contentment goal comes the temptation to distract myself with other things: future plans, dream closets and vacations. Which are all fine to dream about and plan and budget for but again my goal is to be content. Even if I did nothing and went no where to rest in the safety and timing of my almighty Father.

There are good days, when I happily go through my day and am super content… And there are days when I frankly suck at it and have to catch myself from complaining nonstop. How thankful I am that God is patient with me and is strong when I’m weak.

I don’t know if this has been encouraging or just a confusing ramble- Sorry if that’s the case! Yikes! But to all my single ladies(and guys) remember on this quote “day of love” that Christ has already shown you the ultimate, tremendous, overflowing love in that He died for you. No greater love has ever been known.

Lots of love,


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