Recap Culinary Week #1

Hello loves it’s been a minute. Had a very busy week and another one to go this week. And then March looks like I have something going every weekend. Which if you know me(slight introvert over here) it just sounds like a lot of work. Yikes! But I will hopefully get my posts back on regular releases of Thursday and Friday. (And of course Culinary Mondays)

Anyway here is a brief overview of very first week in our culinary challenge(all the info here) Prepare to have your mouth watering!

Fake Sourdough Bread

California is apparently big on the very trendy sourdough… Umm trend. But I didn’t have the time nor inclination to mess with actual sourdough, so I found a cheat recipe. Great bread, but not very sourdough-ie and with a rising time of 18 hours not very helpful in saving the old time. So yeah yummy, but not worth the time it took to make.

Rating out 5 of 10
Veggie Omelette 4 out of 10

Also pictured here is an absolutely disgusting espresso orange drink I tried my hand at making… Yeah one sip and I was like nope!

The omelette was… okay. I mean I am not a huge omelette person. The strawberry fresh salsa however, is killer(if it needed to be a bit spicer) and gets a 6 out of 10.

Cioppino Soup 10 out of 10!!

Oh my gosh this soup(recipe) is freaking my fav!! Substituted the clam for crab and squid and the halibut for tilapia(cheaper lol) but otherwise followed the recipe to a tee. (By the way I am in love with fennel- like I want to put it on everything) Will definitely be making this one again.

Waldorf Salad 8 out of 10

Super yummy spinach greens covered in peppers, pears, figs, apple, walnuts, radishes, celery and drizzled in a sweet oil vinaigrette. (From this recipe) Another thing I am now officially in love with is figs- Yummy!

Pineapple Chiffon Cream Pie 10 out of 10

Both my sister and I were skeptical of this cool pie at first but then you just sink into heaven. Here is the recipe and trust me: you need this in your life.

Burrito Bowl 10 out of 10

Nothing says California like a burrito and apparently it’s not a burrito without Cajun fries pilled on top. Yum! Also a few avocado chips(which are only eh and probably not worth the effort)

Well there you have it my loves! Our first week of culinary endeavors. This coming week is gonna be pretty packed so we are going to wait a week for our next adventure but our new word is:

Ooooo… (bad handwriting)

Lots of love,


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