The Stripes of Spring

Man the weather here in ole Wisconsin has been marvelous! Super sunny and a balmy 32-45 degrees. Trust me after going through weeks of -35 this is like heaven. Anyway I thought I would do a fashion post, which I haven’t done in… I don’t know months. But the look below is probably as near my style and perfection that I can get. So I hope you enjoy.

Ah MKE how lovely you look in the early morning hours.

So Outfit top to bottom:

  • Sunglasses- Kate Spade(I bought these like five years ago and I can’t remember the style 😬)
  • Lips- ColorPop Disney Villain “Evil Queen” (which they don’t make anymore- yikes sorry guys)
  • Scarf- Harry Potter Official Merchandise “Ravenclaw”(which I bought in London)
  • Jacket- Ralph Lauren(again I bought this years ago- though this might be it’s last year since all the zippers are broken)
  • Bag- Michael Kors(this was a Christmas gift… two, three years ago)
  • Top- BB Dakota Steve Madden(can’t find it anywhere… wow)
  • Bottoms- Liz Baker Essentials(purchased at a thrift store- score!)
  • Shoes- Bamboo ???(I bought these probably six years ago at a garage sale. I’m actually hoping to update my black boots this year)
My new fav pic- A huge thanks to my lil sis for being my fashion photographer!

Lots of love!