One Year Ago

Oh how many things have happened since this time last year. (Read last year’s post here) How many things have come to light since COVID intentionally peeked its ugly little head over the horizon. I think we can all agree that we were naive at first and now life has taken on that jaded “so what else is new” attitude.

Since last year I have stopped watching the news(so much more peace) I have deleted all my social media accounts except Instagram(again I don’t miss it) and I have come to realize the immense gift of God’s peace. Without the knowledge that He is in absolute control, without His Word comfort in pointing out His sovereignty; I know I personally would be terrified of tomorrow.

I don’t know what this coming year holds for us. What exciting(to use the term very loosely) adventures lie in store. But I do know God is good all the time. And if you don’t know His peace or the security of having your eternity safe in Christ, then please read the following:

2,000 years ago Jesus Christ the one and only Son of the one and only God, died on a cross. He died the way sinners do and He bore every single one of your sins on Himself. He took the full weight of God’s wrath, so that you wouldn’t have to. And then three days later He arose conquering the grave and securing eternity. No matter who is president, no matter what disease is raging across the planet- God is Lord. And He loves you so much that He did this while you were still a sinner. He offers you this gift of salvation and security “by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone”.

But don’t be deceived. If you reject this gift, if you push off accepting it(so you can live your life) and you die in your sin, you will spend an eternity separated from God in hell. God is a gentleman and He will not force you into a relationship with Him, but He is holding out His hand for you to accept. He is knocking at the door.

If you have any questions please send me a message!

Lots of love,


3 thoughts on “One Year Ago

  1. A good woman is rare. A good woman who is wise is far better. A woman who knows and loves her God is a great gift for her God makes her good and wise.

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