Spring Cardigan

Here is another spring look for y’all! I don’t know why(probably the changing of the seasons) but I have felt super inspired with fashion again. Yay! I’m not totally sold on the look below. Not sure all the pieces go together that way I envisioned, but maybe you guys have some suggestions. I don’t know. Maybe just let me know if this look is a hit or not.

So the cardigan I have had since I was sixteen or something, and it’s from Old Navy. I bought the navy t-shirt from Christopher Banks during a store closing sale. The same with these Express jeans and then the booties I have had for several years and I bought them through Royal and Reese, which is an online boutique. I paired the whole look with my silk scarf that I got as a gift from Turkey(yep the country) And my Michael Kors “green” billfold. Also my necklace is my Mom’s high school crest.

So what do you guys think? Hit or miss?

Lots of love,