Culinary Week #5

Welcome back, welcome back. Who has been missing the culinary challenge? I have. I have missed the cooking and baking and trying new things(here’s a look back at our last post) And with this week’s challenge being Jane Austen we were in for some unique dishes. Here we go!

Root Veggie Tart 9 out of 10
Roast Duck 9 out of 10
Boiled Potatoes(yes excellent boiled potatoes) 7 out of 10
Roasted Carrots 6 out of 10

While enjoying these elegant-ish meals my sis and I also enjoyed watching Sense and Sensibility(swoon over Colonel Brandon) and Emma (2020 so pretty to watch- the colors!) just to get in the mood.

Pear + Fennel Salad 5 out of 6
English Scones 10 out of 10
A fancy English breakfast- Yum!
Plum+Strawberry Jam 8 out of 10 and Clotted Cream 8 out of 10
Victorian Cakes 7 out of 10(with some clotted cream and jam)
So picture in your mind those fancy, tall jelly cakes in the background of all fancy period dinners and you’ll see what I was going for and obviously didn’t get. This recipe gets a 3 out of 10 from me. I mean the fact it collapsed is my fault but the spicy, cranberry jelly was texture and taste a miss on my part.
Elegant White Chicken Soup 5 out of 10. So basically a really complicated chicken soup that lacks in the salt content and therefore is not as yummy as an over salted American soup. (Lol)

So to recap the running theme was a clean, complicated and yet subdued meals. Which if that doesn’t sum up the regency period I don’t know what does.

As you can tell it was a very posh week of meals and the coming week is keeping us in England but taking us into the countryside… Redwall style!

Lots of love,