Culinary Week #8

Can you believe we’ve been doing this for eight weeks now? Man it’s crazy! All the yummy things my sister and I have gotten try. We’re just getting slightly spoiled. (Here’s a link to our very first week, which will take through to the series) After missing last week due to traveling(see here) we were excited to get back to baking, cooking and creating culinary magic.

Or I should say I was excited. Our word this week was vegan and Tay(lover of all things diary) was not as excited. To clarify we didn’t go vegan for the whole week; but rather all our recipes had to be vegan. If that makes any sense.

Let’s dig in!

Vegan Pancakes 7 out of 10

So I’m not the best at making pancakes in general and that is the main reason why I was pleasantly surprised by how these turned out. Still not the greatest as far as pancakes go, but not any worse either. Definitely keeping standard with my… standard.

Cabbage Slaw 5 out of 10

Nothing super special here folks. Just a good old fashioned cabbage slaw with some toasted sunflower seeds and a light olive oil dressing. I like one of my Mom’s recipes which is similar to this much better. Still it was pretty good.

Vegan Brownies 0 out of 10

Ummm… yeah these were awful. Just plain and simple. I couldn’t even get children to eat them, though they were kind and said they were “okay”. However on being pressed they admitted that they were in fact gross. Yeah we got a lot of laughs out of this one.

Breakfast Oat Bars 4 out of 10

Kinda like the slaw above these were nothing special. Just sort of… eh!

Pretzel Buns 8 out of 10

Yeah I was pretty sure these were going to be another disaster, but they actually were really good for a first attempt at any kind of pretzel. They could have baked longer and I probably rushed them for fear of doing them wrong. I will try again!

Black Bean Burger 9 out of 10

I love black bean burgers! I mean as long as you go into them not expecting them to taste like a burger you’re good. Thus preparing my sister she actually really liked these. So yay!

Zucchini Tater Tots 6 out of 10

Not bad… not salty enough… but not bad.

Vegan Spicy Thia Soup 7 out of 10

Yum! This is exactly what it sounds like and was fairly easy to make. Hay this week I’ll take any win I can get.

Vegan Confetti Cake 8 out of 10

Speaking of winning this cake was the perfect way to end the week. Very sweet it tasted more like a glazed donut- but who doesn’t like donuts?

And thank goodness that’s all for vegan week. Not my strongest week, but not a total disaster either. Would you have been brave enough for these creations?

Our next word(which we will be getting to either this week or the following- moving to the lake house) is… ITALIAN!!!!!!!!!! Who’s excited for this one?!

Lots of love,