Culinary Challenge Week #9

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Hope you are enjoying your long weekend. So this week’s word was Italian and because I went a little crazy with the crazy good cuisine let’s jump right into it.

Italian Chopped Salad 10 out of 10

I mean just looking at it make me wants another bowl. Even Taylor, who does not like salads loved this one. So good!

Fire Roasted Tomato+Basil Soup 8 out of 10

So this a work in progress photo of the soup. I just realized I forgot to take a finished product picture and since we already ate all of it… You’ll have to imagine a slightly spicy, creamy tomato soup.

Savory Italian Breakfast Tart 9 out of 10

This got better the longer it sat in the fridge. We liked it okay at first and now we love it! Basically a breakfast pizza and so pretty to look at.

Focaccia Bread 100 out of 10

This was INCREDIBLE!!! Like beyond beautiful and delicious and there wasn’t enough of it! I could make this every week and not get sick of it.

Pizzelle Cookies 7 out of 10

Yeah I couldn’t find an actual pizzelle maker l, so I got a mini waffle maker instead. Thus we ended up with pizzelle waffles instead of cookies. Still tasted amazing just not the wafer thin cookies I was hoping for.

Sundried Tomato+Thyme Grissini Breadsticks 8 out of 10

These were so easy and fun to make and filled the trailer with unbelievable smells. The cracker like breadsticks were crumbly goodness.

Italian Lemon Olive Oil Cake 10 out of 10

Simply the pretties, best tasting cake I think I have ever made. So the layers were olive oil cake, lemon curd, mascarpone cream, blueberry syrup, black berries, second layer of cake, rest of blueberry syrup and mascarpone cream. And garnished with black berries… yeah it was amazing!

Italian Onion+Peas 8 out of 10

I loved these! So easy and yummy! Will definitely make it again and highly encourage everyone else to too.

Italian Stuffed Tomatoes 4 out of 10

Our one low point of the week. Now these were exactly what they were “advertised” to be. But the flavor combination was just not Tay and I’d cup of tea.

Garden Herb Shrimp Scampi with Homemade Linguine Noodles 10 out of 10

Okay this turned out so good, but not without a few hiccups along the way. By hiccups I mean it took me three tries to make these noodles. I have never made noodles before so I guess in hindsight the experience is not so bad. Though I did decide to start making them like at 7pm and thus was not done till 9:45pm… which was awful. And yet now I can say I can make noodles with success- they tasted so good!!

Okay so that’s it guys! Italian week was by and far my favorite so far. Though this coming week may change my mind as we take a total turn and cook Vietnamese food. See ya same place next week.

Lots of love,