Culinary Week #10

Well a day behind, but the week got away from me. And as you can tell I made a lot of food. This next week I’m gonna attempt to tone it down a little bit… Maybe…

Vietnamese Noodle Salad 8 out of 10

So just right off the bat the flavor and texture combination of Vietnamese food is super interesting. The mix of cool and sweet spices and smooth textures makes all the food light and clean. I loved Vietnamese cooking. And this salad was super yummy! Didn’t keep very well but that’s the only downside.

Cheat Pickled Veggies 8 out of 10

Again these didn’t keep very long, because they’re just cheat pickled veggies. But they were very yummy and apparently the Vietnamese put them on everything. Which I heartily approve!

Vietnamese Baguette 9 out of 10

So they don’t look like baguettes, but they tasted amazing! So when the French governed Vietnam they left behind the love of the baguette. Which the Vietnamese people took and stuffed with all they’re amazing food and made…

Banh mi 10 out of 10

These were awesome!! The pork was understated in taste so the pickled veggies and dipping sauces could shine. Sandwiched between to crunchy and toasted baguettes. So yum!

Worthy of two pics!
Nuoc Cham Sauce(two versions) 10 out of 10

Our two dipping sauces for the week, which we dipped everything into, one on the left being minty and the one on the right being slightly spicy.

Bao Breakfast Dumplings 10 out of 10

So they slightly burst their sweet pastry, but these steamed bao were fantastic. And I was super worried as I have never used a bamboo steamer before. However despite my worry the dumplings turned out well. We dipped them in the sauces in case you’re wondering.

Shrimp+Noodle Soup 8 out of 10

Again a unique flavor combination this soup was subtly spicy and very light. Which makes it an absolutely lovely summer soup. This is probably gonna be the last soup for awhile since it is very hot.

Sticky Rice 10 out of 10

Probably my fav of the week. This light dessert topped with sesame seeds and coconut. Very yummy for breakfast too topped with fresh fruit.

Rice Balls+Tapioca Gravy 5 out of 10

These were weird… not gross just weird. Not overly sweet- in fact they didn’t taste a whole lot like anything. So yeah… weird!

And that’s it guys. I liked Vietnamese week a lot more than I thought it would. Lots of unique and delicious finds that I will be making again I’m sure. But for now we are getting in with the swing of summer with our next word: BBQ

Lots of love,


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