Devotional Art Journaling: Kids Addition

So last week I shared with you a growing new interest called Bible Art Journaling. This week I thought it would be cool to share with how you can use art journaling not only for yourself, but to help the kiddos pay attention and grasp what the Lord is saying through His precious Word too!

This particular project we did while reading through Jonah(I know shocking right?) I always have little projects, or just simple coloring pages ready, when I do the morning devotions with the youngsters. They art while I read.

This project was especially fun as I didn’t critique they’re color choices or placement of their shadow box characters. I simply showed them mine and then read the Bible, while they, completely unchecked, decided how they wanted their masterpieces to look.

This was the 3 yr. olds composition to give you an idea- crazy good right?

The below projects we used to keep interest in a rather boring part(to the kids anyway) the Genealogy of Christ. So we made family trees. We also used it as a review on the stories and characters we had already learned about(we’ve been reading through the Bible for about a year now). So don’t be daunted by “hard” and/or “boring” passages of Scripture.

In the end all that’s really important is that you’re spending time with your kids, rearing and training them in the way they should go. And the most important thing is that they are hearing God’s Word and seeing the importance you’re putting on it by making it a priority.

Lots of love,


Bible Art Journaling

We’ll look at this I have another new hobby! When will I have the time?

So a friend from my church Bible Art Journaling(and frankly her Bible is gorgeous!!!) And she introduced me to it and roped me into an art event my church is hosting next month. Yikes! I will be giving a 15 minute presentation on how to do Art Journaling with your kiddos as part of your devotions to a projected 100 people… Only slightly nervous.

Hebrews 6

So what is Art Journaling?? Glad you asked! It is exactly what it sounds like. Taking something you learned in your Bible Study and transforming into Art!

Genesis 22

Obviously I love water colors so that’s primarily what I use, but you can use any medium you’d like! The church event is going to cover how to inductively study the Bible and then give you examples on how to express that throw art. To the glory of God and the encouragement and beautification of those around you.

I Thessalonians 1

It’s only slightly addicting as you can tell. And it amazing how once you start looking at what you’re learning as a device to meditate and shape the Scripture into “masterpieces”. (I use the term loosely for my work) And yes kiddos can do it to! (I will be doing a separate post about that)

What do you think? Have you ever tried Bible Art Journaling?

Lots of love,


The Busy Business of Summer

How is everyone doing? Well summer is in full swing here now. This whole week has been upper 90’s in temps and the sun has been blazing down. Which has made swimming every day, all day an absolute necessity.

With summer comes an extra sort of busyness. Every night this week I have had an event or a party or something going on. Add that to work and meeting with friends, chores, cooking, writing- Ah! My calendar is booked!

That is why I wanted to write this brief post for you(and mostly for me) It’s okay to say no… it’s okay to have nothing to do… it’s okay to breath…

It is so easy to get swept up in activity and life that we loose sight of the important things. Quiet Bible study time with the Lord. Time spent with family where you’re not running somewhere to get something done. Sleep. And the list goes on.

So my encouragement to you this summer is just to slow down and take it easy. Don’t let the busy business of life distract you from the important.

And remember it’s okay to have some days where you have absolutely nothing planned.

Lots of love,


One Year Ago

Oh how many things have happened since this time last year. (Read last year’s post here) How many things have come to light since COVID intentionally peeked its ugly little head over the horizon. I think we can all agree that we were naive at first and now life has taken on that jaded “so what else is new” attitude.

Since last year I have stopped watching the news(so much more peace) I have deleted all my social media accounts except Instagram(again I don’t miss it) and I have come to realize the immense gift of God’s peace. Without the knowledge that He is in absolute control, without His Word comfort in pointing out His sovereignty; I know I personally would be terrified of tomorrow.

I don’t know what this coming year holds for us. What exciting(to use the term very loosely) adventures lie in store. But I do know God is good all the time. And if you don’t know His peace or the security of having your eternity safe in Christ, then please read the following:

2,000 years ago Jesus Christ the one and only Son of the one and only God, died on a cross. He died the way sinners do and He bore every single one of your sins on Himself. He took the full weight of God’s wrath, so that you wouldn’t have to. And then three days later He arose conquering the grave and securing eternity. No matter who is president, no matter what disease is raging across the planet- God is Lord. And He loves you so much that He did this while you were still a sinner. He offers you this gift of salvation and security “by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone”.

But don’t be deceived. If you reject this gift, if you push off accepting it(so you can live your life) and you die in your sin, you will spend an eternity separated from God in hell. God is a gentleman and He will not force you into a relationship with Him, but He is holding out His hand for you to accept. He is knocking at the door.

If you have any questions please send me a message!

Lots of love,


Looking Ahead to 2021

So 2021 is here… does life get better now? Looking at our country I would say- No. No it does not.

As a Christian looking at the world around me I see lots of hopelessness, confusion and darkness. My country seems to be taring itself apart and is more divided now than it has been in a long, long time. Everyone has their opinion, political belief and party. And they try to force all those around them to follow their train of thought. No longer can you believe politically what you want. You have to fall in line, or be called intolerant. The media(social or otherwise) on both sides has an angle and don’t even brother to try to actually report the news factually. You can’t believe a word you hear or read. And all around you is hate, anger and mistrust disguised as wisdom, superiority and self-sacrifice.

If 2020 taught us anything it is that this world(this country) is full of sin and it’s consequence death. I’m not here to get in a political debate with you about the merits of wearing or not wearing a mask, of white privilege, or any other pressing concern of today. Because in the end those are just worries for today and not the root of the real problem. The root of humanity’s problem is and has always been sin. We’re born sinners and can’t do anything but sin.

We lie, manipulate the truth, murder, steal, riot, complain and do so many unspeakable things to each other in the dark. (And now a days we do it in the open because who cares! It’s my life right?) With each of these sinful acts we destroy and kill. Our world around us reflexes it. And now what has always been there is just out in the open and celebrated. There is nothing new under the sun.

Gee Tally, why so doom and gloom? But I’m not doom and gloom. As an American I am sad beyond measure for my country. I love my nation and my people. Like the prophet Jeremiah I weep for them and pray for them. But my allegiance is not to this nation or her leaders or even her people. I am a sojourner passing through. A stranger in a strange land. Because I know that no political party, trending movement or vaccine is going to save me. My hope is found in Christ alone.

Looking ahead to 2021 I have no idea what is going to happen. I can’t tell you, but I do know God is good. He is so good He sent His one and only Son to die in our place. Taking our sin and judgment upon Himself. He paid the price for sin that we might have life and have it more abundantly. This world is heading towards the end(there’s no stopping it) and as it does evil will only become stronger and stronger. There is no other name given under heaven by which you can be saved. No president, doctor, religious figure or friend, who can give you a hope and future. There is only Christ.

My hope and prayer for you this year as an individual is that you would come to know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. That you would confess your sin and hopelessness and repent. Acknowledging that what Christ did on the cross for you is the only way for reconciliation and salvation. Abandon all trust and hope in this world and what it offers. Cling wholly to Jesus. By grace alone, through faith alone in Christ alone.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact me via my social media accounts or email. Or for the fastest response leave a comment down below.

Lots of love,


Book Review: My Utmost for His Highest

Book recommendation time! So this is my Mom’s go to graduation gift. She’s given it to everyone we have ever known, who has graduated high school and/or college. It was a book that had helped her in a difficult time in her life and has always stuck with her. And boy can I see why. Sometimes the truths drawn from God’s Word and presented in this book were convicting and uncomfortable to read, but they were always exactly wanted I needed to hear. (Funny how God does that- Cool how He does that)

This book was especially timely for the year 2020 in general. Drawing my attention away from this world and it’s many problems to the Lord and His perfect solution. Namely His Son and my Savior Jesus Christ.

So if you are looking for a good book to add to your daily devotional and add to your Scripture reading look no further than My Utmost for His Highest. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Lots of love,


The Coronavirus: The Month the World Ended

Something tell the great grandkids…

Let me first say I am not a medical expert, or some survival guru. At this point the Covid-19 emergency has pretty much touched everyone’s lives. (Unless you are a survival guru, who lives out in the middle of no where and has been planning /preparing for this kinda of event for years… Yes, you were right- Congratulations!) Events, trips, schools, jobs, etc. have been canceled, have been indefinitely postponed, have been interrupted. Plus those of you who have gotten sick… I can’t imagine…

This whole thing has scared people stiff. If not from the virus itself, than from the panic of the panic. On Thursday morning my sister and I went out to do our normal grocery shopping and the panicking was just hitting the fan. We were able to snag some of the most coveted butt paper(which frankly doesn’t make sense to me. I mean you would think buying food would be a bigger concern than t.p. Think about it. If you ran out of t.p. what would you do? Jump in your fully functional shower and wash off… What happens if you run out of food? See my point?) But the charged air, the way people looked around with wild eyes and frantic faces- That was the scary part. Thankfully when I ventured out with a friend on Friday to do some more stock pilling(which again is a bit dumb in my opinion) people were less crazed. They were smiling, saying “excuse me” and nervously laughing about the end of the world. Cause it still is scary, it still is out of the norm and could potentially get worse before it gets better.

All this being said I really watched the kids on Friday. Schools were just about to close, after school events had already been canceled for the foreseeable future and little, inquiring minds were wondering why. But what to tell them? How to explain it to them and not scare them silly? Honestly honest is best. They’re not stupid, they can tell something is going on and trying to hide it from them is only going to add to their confusion and fear. This honesty of what is happening should be followed up with more truth, more honesty. Namely that God is sovereign and even in an increasingly scary world He is not scared. This hasn’t shaken Him, or surprised Him. And as His children He has told us not to be afraid. Not to worry about what we’ll eat, or wear. That He will take care of all of this. Below is a post I shared on FB Thursday amidst the crazy:

I observed that it was the teenagers and older kids, who were the most afraid. Probably because they can grasp the full wait if things were to turn south. They may act tough and like they’re unconcerned but they’re still kids. Just keep that in mind.

Anyway these are just some of the thoughts that have been tumbling through my mind as all of this is developing. Until next time…

Lots of love,