Another Year in the Tank

It’s that time of the year. Time for an update on A Nanny’s Notebook mascot… George the Goldfish. (You didn’t know we had a mascot? Here and here– educate yourself!) I think it’s funny the only times I do life updates on this ever grumpy, fat fish is at the beginning of the year, though his birthday is at the beginning of August sometime. Let’s just say George doesn’t like broadcasting his age all over the internet. I mean he barley likes taking pictures. The only way I got the below shots is because his favorite person in the whole world(not me in case you were wondering. I just feed and clean him) a young three old girl had come down to visit.

He’s come along way from his tiny dark orange baby-self, hasn’t he? Yes I know he’s tubby. He knows he’s tubby, but he(like me) will eat more.
Look at the contempt on his face. He just realized I was taking his picture.
So what’s been happening this past year for George? He has officially out grown his house and can no longer squeeze underneath it. Also he got this really cool bubbler. Which at first he detested, but now is his only source of excise and entertainment. He likes to swim against it and hide behind it…
How cool is this pic? I mean like it’s so cool!

Yes so George is still an amazing fish with a bigger than him personality. Be it a generally grumpy and ill tempered personality.

With lots of fishy tolerance,

George the Goldfish

And Tally… he’s keeper…

Life Update

It’s been awhile since you guys have heard from Nanny’s official mascot, George! So here’s a brief life update…

Is he bigger?
Can you guys tell a difference? Friends would ask if George had gotten any bigger and I would quickly and unequivocally say “No”. But it got me thinking… What if George was getting bigger and I just couldn’t tell. Again what do you guys think?

He loves me! He loves me!

No longer does the cranky fish hide at the back of the tank in fear of me. He’s actually quiet friendly for an introvert (fish after my own heart) He’ll swim around and talk to me when I’m in the kitchen making popcorn or doing dishes. Course it’s most likely because he knows his food is right there just waiting for him. It’s obvious his one true love is little girl, who comes to visit sometimes.
Would George by any other name sound as sweet?
Well apparently yes. Like all my pets (all two of them and I blame you for this Dad) George has quiet a few nicknames. George, Georgie Porgy, George Washington, Grumpy Fish (a variant of Cranky Fish) Crankster and Curious (or Chewy) George as his one true love calls him.
Prima Donna
George loves being clean! I’ve never had a fish before so I don’t know if all fish get so excited about their tanks being cleaned, but George definitely does. He dances around his tank. Yes, dances. There’s no other way to describe it. He’s one happy fish.
So all and all George the Porge is thriving. He’s survived six or seven “trips” where I’ve disappeared for a few days. And he’s survived my unconditional and sometimes clueless love.

Does anyone know why I named him George? (Hint: Audrey Hepburn)
Lots of loves,
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