Dream Cast for a Sabrina Remake

I know, I know- Remakes are awful. But hear me out on this one. So let me first say I love this movie to obsession. I mean I have-

An goldfish named George.

Sabrina 1954

Because of this I was super hesitant to come up with a dreamcast. But once I got started I found I couldn’t stop.

I think I should also take a moment to mention how much I dislike the 1995 remake. It’s trying to be too much like the original and in that failing awfully. That’s why with my reboot I would change the story ever so slightly. Again trust me! (By the way here is my dreamcast for Mansfield Park)


So this movie’s success and failure depends solely on it’s namesake Sabrina. A role made iconic, timeless and elegant by the one and only Audrey Hepburn. Recasting Audrey is a monumental task. One might even say an impossible one. Her looks and style, her nativity and sophistication are hard to find recapture. But I think I might have gotten there by casting Olivia Cooke the lead role. Have you guys seen her in Vanity Fair? She is awesome! I think her spunky, fun attitude would endear her to the audience and make her a different Sabrina from Audrey.

Olivia Cooke as Sabrina

Linus Larrabee

Talk about another tough casting!! Humphrey Bogart is my all time favorite actor. And is this movie he is fantastic! Going up against William Holden’s ever-lovable David and stealing Audrey from underneath his very nose is a task a lesser actor would have fumbled. But even an older, a little more awkward Humphrey pulled it off. He made you believe in love in the end. In casting a new Linus I wanted an actor who could capture the screen and provide the wit and humor and intelligence needed for the role. That’s why I chose Ben Mendelson. He fits the age requirements and is a very fun actor to watch on screen. I think he would be fantastic!

Ben Mendelson as Linus Larrabee

David Larrabee

Oh David! If I ever have another dog his name shall be David. (I told you I was obsessed) Anyhoo William Holden was terribly charming and adorable as David Larrabee. Even though we pleaded for Sabrina to get over David we understood her fascination. In recasting the playboy we need someone who is handsome and charming and yet not cruel or totally brainless to get with the program at the end. To achieve this I assigned Richard Madden to the role.

Richard Madden as David Larrabee

Elizabeth Tyson

Daughter of a tycoon, Elizabeth Tyson is a multifaceted character, who despite his lack of interest in her genuinely seems to care about David. In the 1995 version she is credit with helping David at the end set up Linus and Sabrina. In a attempt to give her character more of a role. Instead of doing this however, as I like David’s character growth and how his final acts show how much he loves his older brother; I’d make Elizabeth a little bit older and an almost a mirror image of Linus. Where she is the tycoon(or works jointly with her father) and is all for the merger. And despite herself maybe she has been in love with David for a while. They grew up together kinda thing. I also like how since she’s more Linus age and sped Sabrina might see her a rival for both her first fascination with David and her later love for Linus. Anywho I have casted one of my favorite actresses ever Carrie Mulligan as Elizabeth.

Carrie Mulligan as Elizabeth Tyson

Thomas Fairchild

Probably my favorite character in the original film, I struggled to find someone to play Sabrina’s father. I while I love the idea of Dustin Huffman playing Fairchild I feel like he may be a little too old. What do you guys think? I did think the fantastic actor would be able to intimidate Ben Mendelson’s Linus and go toe-to-toe with Mrs. Larrabee(see below)

Dustin Huffman as Thomas Fairchild

Mrs. Maude Larrabee

Okay this is probably my favorite casting- so I think this remake should combine Mr. Larrabee and his wife Maude into one character. Imagine Mr. Larrabee died long ago when Linus was in college, which required Linus with the help of his financial savvy mom(Maude) to take over the empire. Her strong will and deep love for her sons is a running theme throughout the story. She wants to run Sabrina out of town when she comes back after David, but is convinced by Linus’ logical mind to hold off. Never dreaming her eldest son would be in danger from the pretty Sabrina. For this strong woman I have picked the ever intimidating Glenn Close.

Glenn Close as Maude Larrabee

So what do you guys think? Any casting choices you disagree with? Would you ever like to see another remake of this movie?

Lots of love,


Top Five Romance Films

Happy Valentine’s!! Yay for love- So I have no idea what you guys are doing for Valentine’s but my sister and I will probably eat a delicious meal and watch some cheesy movie. But what movie? Below I have compiled my favorite “romance” films. (I’m using romance very loosely as some of them might be more subtly romantic)

Decoy Bride

My absolute favorite rom-com! It is so deliciously ridiculous, while also being heart felt and believable… well as believable as any rom-com can be. If you have not checked this one out you are seriously missing out.

Emma 2020

While there will always be a soft spot in my heart for the 1996 version of this beloved story I absolutely love the new adaption! Anya Taylor-Joy is so much fun to watch and the raw humor coupled with Jane Austin’s considerable whit and a beautiful color pallet; this film zooms in for the win.


I mean it’s Boggie, Audrey and William in an love triangle of the century. Complete with French make over, ball gowns and… David! (Oh and also a goldfish named George)

100 Foot Journey

One of my favorite movies this one is packed full of love and food(it’s in France after all) Helen Mirren is charming and the food looks amazing. So yeah. Enough said.

Beautiful Fantastic

Last on the list is less a romance movie and more a film about friendships. Andrew Scott is amazing and my fav; plus Jessica Brown Findlay gives a very compelling performance. Add in Tom Wilkinson and you have a winner.

So what is your go to I’m-still-single-on-Valentine’s-Day-movie? As always…

Lots of love,


Party Planning

Hello everyone! I hope you had just fabulous holiday weekend. With the jump into a busy and festive couple weeks I thought I would give a few tips on how to throw an awesome holiday party. (Pics will be from a Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving Party I helped planned) but can be easily applied to a Christmas get together as well.

My apologies- the party I planned for Thanksgiving and talk about in this post. I didn’t have time to take pictures so here are a few throw backs.

Okay so first off I love planning and staging a party. Going to and/or running said party not so much. I love make things look pretty and over the top(which ya will see) fun, but hosting… Yeah can someone else do that? But in the end my desire to plan a party normally overrides my introverted-ness. Not always(looking at you Pumpkin Carving Party- ah maybe next year) but sometimes.

My Checklist for over-the-top-party- mania!

I mean why wouldn’t I write this post like my others… checklists, bullet points… I like lists. Moving on!

  • Pick a theme or activity

This is normally my first step in party planning or else I drive myself crazy with options, because I want to do all the things. So really just focus on narrowing down your options. Examples of a Christmas Party Theme could be:

  1. Ornament Making Party
  2. Gingerbread House Party
  3. Christmas Movie Night
  4. Victorian Themed Costume Party
  5. Christmas Cookie Night
  6. Christmas Art Night
  7. Christmas Caroling Party
  8. Tree Trimming Party

So these are just a few options to tumble around in your brain. And just because you pick one doesn’t mean you can’t combine it will another. You could have friends over to go caroling in your neighborhood or apartment building and then come back for hot cocoa and reading of your favorite Christmas books. And though while I am specifically talking about parties at your house(or apartment) you could skip having people over and go ice skating with friends or to look at the Christmas lights. See my mind is already overflowing with all the things.

Once you have your theme/activity picked out it really helps narrow down your other planning details. Let’s tackle my favorite point next…

  • The Fixings-

Anytime you have a group of people together ya need food. Now this(like picking a theme) can be overwhelming, because there are so many options! So again really narrow those options down. Do you want to serve a full fancy meal?(Victorian Costume Christmas Party anyone?) Or do you want something more laid back? Just do little weenies and meatballs and other o’derves? And if food really ain’t your thing you can always do the “everyone bring something to share” routine.

But don’t be afraid to go over the top here folks. I personally love tying my food options into my theme. So like the Thanksgiving Party I knew we were doing a fancy catered meal, which translated into laying a very fancy table spread.

So like a Christmas party you may want to do a Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board. Or any kind of Charcuterie boards really. Cheese and crackers, build-your-own sugar cookie board, Christmas cookie board, etc. Pinterest had so many gorgeous ideas. And no only do these boards taste amazing, but they look amazing and almost decorative. Below are two boards I have done in the past(one for Thanksgiving and one for my sister’s baby shower. Again I go over the top so these are a bit extreme)

I honestly could go on and on talking about food. I mean I love to cook so I tend to try and make my things homemade, but even if you(like my sister) can’t cook or bake to save your life by a prepared try or meal at the store. Both Sam’s Club and Costco have really cool options. But let’s move on or we’ll just stay here forever.

  • The trimmings and trappings

So probably my second favorite thing to plan for a party after food is the decorating. Growing up my Mom loved to decorate! In that over the top way I have learned so well. Our house was called the “decorated house” since it literally looked looked like a Better Homes and Gardens catalog. But at now time did my Mom decorate more than at Christmas time. Our whole house became stuffed(in a good way) with the Christmas season. I have followed my Mother’s footsteps happily(as have all my sisters- it’s a blessing and a curse)

That being said decorating is just natural to me. For the Thanksgiving Party I literally used my own decor from my apartment. But I realize that might not be everyone’s strong suit, so here are just a few small tips to hopefully help with the confusion of staging and decorating:

  1. Little details add up-
  2. Everyone loves a party favor-
  3. Music sets the mood-
  4. Candles and smells bring warmth-
  5. Food can be used as decor-
  6. Use what you already have-
Party favors!
  • Just Be You!

My final and probably most important point is just do you. You do not have to throw the most amazing Christmas party ever. Even if you did no body might show up or the food may burn or your tree fall over. The point is it is not going to be perfect. And you’ll only ruin the party for yourself if you try to make it perfect.

If big groups aren’t your thing don’t have a crap ton of people over. Just a few friends for hot cocoa and puzzles and Christmas music can be just as good as a big group for ornament making, food eating night.

If you don’t have money to spend on the trimmings and trappings skip them. Turn on your favorite Christmas playlist and bring on the snacks and games.

Stop setting yourself up and trying to be that perfect host. Just enjoy the friends and the fellowship. Let’s do this!

Lots of love,


Favorite Scary Movies

Hello everyone surprise post! I thought it would be fun to do a quick Halloween post of my favorite scary movies.

I’m the puppy at the end next to the dragon.

Let’s be clear growing up my family never really celebrated Halloween. We were the type to turn off all the lights and act like we’re not home; type of people. And while we were hiding inside we would watch a scary movie. For your perusal my top picks!

The Village

Really any of M. Night’s early movies(Signs, Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Split or Glass) could have made the list but this was always my favorite(if the least scary) Mainly because of the love story.


An oldie but a goodie; this movie coined the term gaslighting and after you watch this movie you’ll now why it had such a cultural impact at the time.

World War Z

I am not a zombie person- though as a teenager I was known to play Nazis Zombies with the siblings. But this movie was surprisingly well done. I know it detoured away from the book on which it was based but having never read the book I don’t mind.

I am Legend

Following that end of the world vibes this is one of my absolutely favorite scary movies of all time. Since the creatures in the film aren’t technically zombies I can handle this one with more ease. Though I may never forgive for Sam.

Shadow of Doubt

Again I could have listed quiet a few of Hitchcock’s movies(Rear Window, Suspension, Psycho, The Birds and on and on) but I picked my absolute favorite of his movies.

The Mummy

Okay so it’s not actually that scary anymore(ya know after seeing it five billion times) but that doesn’t stop it from being an absolutely great movie and a blast to watch.


If a good ole fashioned ghost story is more your speed than this one is worth it! So terrifying(in the best way possible) and stars two of my favs George MacKay and Anya Taylor-Joy, so the acting is on par.

A Quiet Place

Let’s finish this one of with a bang. I mean this movie has is all right? Drama, alien monster things that rip you apart even at the slightest noise you make, and Emily Blunt with a shot gun. Perfection.

Well there you go a complete list to give ya the shivers and chills.

Lots of love,


Monthly Media Favs: June 2020

I feel like I have been really off with posts and am still struggling with that unmotivated slump I fell into a few months ago. So I’ll just first say I’m sorry. I’m sorry about the inconsistency of my posts and content. Then I will quickly follow that up with; I have no idea when I will get back to my dogma of three posts a week. But it probably won’t be till after summer. I will try my best to get you at least one post a week but even that might be spotty. I really don’t know how some of my fav bloggers turn out amazing(error free *wink*wink*) posts every day, every week. But then I have to remind myself that that’s their job and I have a full time career, plus church and friends. So yeah sometimes it is a struggle to get myself motivated, or frankly to have enough energy after chasing kids all day to write out a single sentence. Forget it being intelligible or interesting.

Anyway I don’t want to make excuses or give myself an out to be a lazy writer, but anyway there you have it. I hope you guys are all doing good and having pleasant summers. Now let’s get into the reason you guys are actually reading this. Here are my media favs for June 2020!!

TV Shows/Series

  • The Mentalist- Only one show to put on this month’s list, since this is literally all I have been binging. As I am sure I have mentioned to you guys before I hate watching shows or series before they’re completely over. That way I don’t have to wait for a year, or longer, for the next season(looking at you Last Kingdom, Lost in Space and Agents of Shield- Oh and The Crown!) Anyway The Mentalist has made it as one of my favorite shows ever(though I’m only half way through season four so sentiments could change- Also no Red John spoilers!) I feel a personal connection to Cho, I simply adore the whole team’s dynamic and like how even characters you met in season one are brought back if the story calls for it. Too good!
  • Agents of Shield- I guess I should put this one here too. It’s the last season of probably one of my all time fav shows(next to Merlin) I don’t know quiet how I feel about this season yet- I have more questions then answers at this point- but in general and since I have such a love for the characters- I’m hooked. Plus they have never disappointed with their story arcs. My sister and I have already decided that once the final season is over we are starting from the beginning for an ultimate marathon!


  • Umm I can honestly not think of a single movie I have watched this month.


  • Artemis– I am hooked on this new album by Lindsey Stirling. Listened to the whole album one morning while the kids ate breakfast and even they liked it, so it most be good.
  • Homesick by Dua Lipa- This has been the month of depressing songs. Don’t ask me why but I have been playing this song and the one below on repeat.
  • Sinking In by Katelyn Tarver– Sometimes YouTube comes through with an actually good suggestion and this is a score. It’s so depressing and beautiful. Which apparently is what I am in too right now.
  • Evita the Musical– Speaking of depressing how about a whole musical about a woman’s life and most importantly death? Being a true show tunes junkie I have of course heard some of the songs from this musical, but I have never listened to it in context and all the way through. Of course this musical is amazing and it has gone on my list of Musicals To See(I have a lot of lists in my head)


  • The Girl Who Would Be Queen by Jane Ann McLachlan- It’s very rare for me to find I book I absolutely dislike. One that’s above my comprehension or simply too cheesy, yes but it’s hard for me to say I simply dislike a book. Well I totally dislike this book. I was excited to give it a try because I wanted to learn about the notorious Queen Joanna of Naples, who was mentioned in The Great Mortality by John Kelly, since her trail with the Pope at the height of the Black Death is infamous. So when I found this historical novel I was thrilled. Imagine my dismay when I found out the book wasn’t from Joanna’s perspective but her sister’s. And that the murder of Joanna’s husband(what she was on trail for) was covered in rush in the last chapters of the book. And that her trail wasn’t in it at all! I’m not sure what the purpose of this book even was. So yeah not a good one guys. (Remember only my opinion. If you absolutely love this book please do not be offended)
  • In the Shadow of Jezebel by Mesu Andrews- Taking a break from my medieval history tour I was recommended this book by a friend and have basically finished it in four days. I love how biblically accurate it is and how it really helps bring the characters to life.

Lots of love,


May 2020 Media Favs

I’m so behind with posts- My apologizes but here is a quick run down of what I have been loving this month.

Tv Shows/Series

  • The Mentalist- Sometimes I do think it’s sad how many TV shows I haven’t seen and other times I don’t. (lol) I very rarely watch a show when it’s coming out because I am too impatient and want the entire story arc right away. I’m a binger. This show has been on my watch list for a long time and I am loving it.
  • Reign– So I’m gonna be honest with this one… I watched two episodes and then could stomach it no longer. While I loved seeing Megan Follows and loved her sarcasm I couldn’t get over the CW cheesiness of it all. Yes I know that’s the appeal of CW shows, but I love historically accurate(both in clothing, costume, speech and events) TV shows. This one is a no from me.


  • The Matrix– Just the first one so far. I have seen the first one before and parts of the second one and I think the ending of the third one. So yeah it’s like watching it for the first tine.
  • SCOOB!- Growing up watching Hanna-Barbera cartoons this movie hit my sister and I all in the feels. Just a cute, heart warming movie about a Shaggy and his Scoob.


  • Summer Feels by Lennon Stella- Probably my go to song for this summer. (Note this song and the next are both from the soundtrack of Scoob)
  • I Fly by Galantis(featuring Faouzia)- I’m so proud of this girl! She has one of my fav voices of all time and I am so glad she has been expanding her music. This is her first song on a feature film and it is so upbeat! Another great summer song.
  • Blinding Lights by The Weekend- Just a fun song to dance and sing to(sorry neighbors) Reminds me of the 80’s or 90’s. I don’t know why.


  • The White Horse King by Benjamin Merkle– Just one book this month, but that’s because I am waiting on a fresh shipment from Amazon. That being said this book is awesome!! If you are even remotely interested in learning about Alfred the Great(shout out to you Last Kingdom fans) then start with this book. Even if you’re not interested read this book! It is so good. Alfred has officially become one of my favorite heroes of history; right up there with King Nebuchadnezzar and Queen Elizabeth. Yes I know these people were not perfect- Not even remotely so- but such fascinating character studies. Seriously Alfred deserves some attention people. He was a really cool guy. Anyway I’ll shut up now.

Anything you have been loving this month?

Lots of love,


Monthly Media Favs April 2020

Hello guys! Here’s what I have been wasting my time on(lol) this month. Enjoy!

TV Show/Series

  • 48 Hours- My sister and I have been watching an episode a night and have almost got through one whole season. On to the next season!
  • The Last Kingdom- I think it was last month when I talked about how obsessed I had become with English history and this show has definitely fueled my obsession! The first two seasons were spectacular. But the third season has almost been too gory for me. I’m going to push through as Netflix released another season just this month. (Though it’s supposed to be the goriest season yet so we shall see)
  • The Hollow Crown- We just started this series and it is so beautiful. The scenery the costumes the acting… The actors. I feel like they do William’s plays justice.


  • This Beautiful Fantastic– Which is currently on Prime and just barely made the list. My sister and I watched it last night. It is just a sweet, feel good film with many actually meaningful moments. Jessica Brown, Tom Wilkinson and Andrew Scott make the film with their little family unit. And I think it should be a definite watch for a cozy late night watch.
  • Star Trek Reboot- You know the ones by J.J. Abrams. Anyway I hankering to watch them and so I did. I mean I had the time. It was weird seeing a yet unknown Chris Hemsworth as Chris Pine’s dad.
  • Independence Day- An oldie but a goodie. I remember watching this movie as a kid and thinking it was so cool.
  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels– This movie is so funny! We watched it the other night and about died from laughter. Steve Martins facial expressions and physical humor were hysterical. Though I think the twist ending made the film for me. So if ya need a good laugh this one is a gem.
  • The Book of Eli- Now this is not a feel good film. But kinda flowing our end of world movies we rewatched this film and it is still very good. Not necessarily a movie you’d watch several times in a row but definitely a very good movie.


  • Easy Lover and One More Night by Phil Collins– Or anything by Phil Collins really. This month he has been my go to late evening, dinner cooking partner.
  • Complicated by Avril Lavigne– I feel like this song was everywhere when I was a kid(in a lot of movies anyway) I heard it on the radio the other day and have been jamming to it ever since.
  • Wake Me When it’s Over by Faouzia– Faouzia was first mentioned here on my site and has been a favorite of mine since then. She has been very activity these quarantine days and released two songs this month. But this first one is my fav of the two. (I like the other song Secrets too)
  • Greatest Hymns by Selah- If Phil has been my nighttime tune than old hymns have been my morning go-to. While breakfast for the kids or making coffee for myself I have been listening to all the old church songs. Definitely starts one day off right.


  • A Short History of England by Simon Jenkins– I cannot recommend those book enough! Ah man it is so good!! It is exactly what it claims to be a mad gallop through English history. So if you’ve wanted to know what order the kings and queens of England fall into than this book is for you.
  • Empires of the World: A Language History of the World by Nicholas Ostler– So I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this book(it is academically above my head and very technical) But from what I can understand it is a fascinating idea. Telling the history of great empires through their languages. And why some languages survived and spread and others died out. I’m gonna keep toughing it and see if I can’t finish it.
  • The Great Mortality by John Kelly- So I just started this book this week(along with two other English history books I will mention on next month’s post) but this book is amazing! With the pandemic it got me curious about the most infamous Black Plague. If you’re interested in learning more about that sordid time in history than I can already recommend this book.

So what have been up to this week?? I’d love to here down in the comments below.

Lots of love,


Mansfield Park: Dream Cast

With the wonderful adaptions of Little Women and Emma that have come out recently, my mind has once again turned towards my favorite Jane Austin novel Mansfield Park. I believe(and I think few would disagree with me when I say) that it is the only(or at least one of the few) Austin novels that has never gotten a fair shake as far as Hollywood goes.

The reasons for this are many, but they basically boil down to the issue the novel had when it was first printed; Fanny Price is not Elizabeth Bennet. In fact she’s the exact opposite. Where Elizabeth is out spoken and strong willed, Fanny is quiet and seems to bend to everyone else’s will with little or no fight. I’m sure her character is a puzzle to many. But where most people see her being a door mat to introverted, people-pleasures like myself I see someone we can relate to. Did I mention she’s also very perceptive? She saw the faults in the Crawfords, where everyone else only saw their beauty and charm. Fanny takes the belittling of her extended family and never stands up for herself against personal affronts, but she won’t compromise when it comes to principle. (Case in point marrying Mr. Henry Crawford) Despite her ill treatment she still seeks the good in everyone, even her rival for Edmund, Miss. Crawford and her aunt Mrs. Norris. She refuses to participate in the play even with intense peer pressure(for those of you who have read Mansfield Park you know of which play I speak) She faithful takes care of all those around her with no regard for repayment.

Another reason Mansfield Park has trouble is because Edmund Bertram is not Mr. Darcy. Poor Edmund held up to such high standards. Edmund is presented as this upstanding, uncompromising figure of virtue that is until Miss. Crawford arrives. Then he seems to lose all reason and falls head over heels for a lesser woman. But he’s a young man(and last time I checked men can be stupid) And remember we are largely seeing him through Fanny’s eyes and she’s desperately in love with her cousin, so his faults aren’t as apparent at first. Besides in the end Edmund finally sees the light and stands up when it counts. I think people have a hard time with the male lead not being perfect, but this makes him human yes?

Another thing is people try to make Miss. Mary Crawford a villain, which she’s not. She’s just beautiful, self obsessed, worldly minded and of small character with no figure of virtue to model her life after. She even admits this to Fanny and how she wishes she was more like Fanny. She’s not wicked or intentionally after the shattering of Fanny’s heart. I honestly think she loves Edmund as much as she can share her heart with someone other than herself and her brother. So she’s not a villain.

Basically Fanny is ignored by her whole circle until by the end of the book they find her the most faithful, loving and sweetest of them all. She’s intelligent and thoughtful, resourceful and unselfish. In the same way Fanny is ignored and overlooked by her family and friends, she has been overlooked by Hollywood. They can’t seem to leave her fully rounded character alone. They have to make her spunky or sarcastic. They have to add a sex appeal or… something! She can’t be quiet and faithfully diligent in good, cause no body gets what they want by waiting for it. She has to be assertive! But in doing this they ruin her. They ruin the people around her and they ruin the whole story.

Anyway I have always thought, since first reading and falling in love with this story when I was fourteen, that this book had the tremendous potential to be a great film! Thus below is my dream cast and crew of…

Mansfield Park

Let’s kick it off with the chief protagonist, Fanny Price played Ella Fanning. Casting the lead was hard for me but when I finally thought of Ella I was like, “YES!” I think she could definitely pull off the sweetness of Fanny and her face is so expressive she could convey a lot with saying little. Audiences would instantly be drawn toward her and be unable not to care for her out come. Or at least not be able to ignore her.

Fanny Price played by Ella Fanning

Next up is our male lead Edmund Bertram played by William Moseley. When casting Edmund I needed someone the audience could/would like easily. And after watching Carrie Pilby a while back I thought William would be a perfect fit. He could give Edmund a sense of maturity and yet keep that playfulness of youth most actors have failed to bring to the role. (In my personal opinion)

Edmund played by William Moseley

Mary Crawford was a little harder to cast. As I mentioned above a lot of people try to make her the villain of the story, so I needed someone you couldn’t all together dislike. Someone charming and of course beautiful. When I hit upon Caitriona Balfe I knew instantly she’d be perfect. She would add sophistication to the role, while keeping Miss. Crawford not all together bad and not all together good.

Miss. Crawford played by Caitriona Balfe

So this is a shout out to one of my fav actors(Merlin fan here! #notashamed) Colin Morgan. Again I wanted you to not totally hate Henry Crawford at the first and almost pity him at the last. I needed someone(like Mary Crawford) who could be charming and attractive, but with actual character so you could see what Fanny saw; that glimmer of potential. Even if that potential is sadly never realized.

Mr. Crawford played by Colin Morgan

Sir Thomas Bertram had to be intimidating and frankly I could think of no one else than Charles Dance. I thought since he is so serious and… Well scary. That his overbearing personality would throw some humor into the pompous character of Sir Thomas.

Sir Thomas played by Charles Dance

Lady Bertram had to be lovably idiotic and Imelda Staunton has pulled off that kind of character off before. I draw your attention to Sense and Sensibility– love her in that movie! I think she could pull off the hypochondriac Lady Bertram with her little pug dog and needlework very well.

Lady Bertram played by Imelda Stauton

After casting William Moseley as Edmund I had a hard time finding someone to play Thomas Bertram. Someone who wouldn’t all together get lost in the thus assembled cast. In the book Tom is a gambler and a drinker and has a very redemptive story arc. He’s actually one of my favorite characters in the book. I finally settled on Eddie Redmayne. Knowing he had the kind of range it would take to pull of Tom’s evolving character.

Tom Bertram played by Eddie Redmayne

I think I had the most fun casting the Miss. Bertram’s. I knew I needed two young ladies, who could play the ugly-step-sister role without being ugly nor unsophisticated. They needed to be handsome, well breed but as mean and cunning as sneaks. AnnaSophia Robb as Maria Bertram is absolutely the best! I think she’d have fun playing the vain and pretentious Maira.

Maria Bertram played by AnnaSophia Robb

Casting Maria’s fiancé(and future husband) Rushworth was very important to get right in my opinion. As a rich, imbecilic bore Rushworth is a side character, who I felt could add some of that outlandish humor. Harry Melling almost instantly came to mind and I love him as Rushworth.

Rushworth played by Harry Melling

Julia Bertram as played by Bel Powley. She could hold her own against AnnaSophia and add some of the air-headed silliness to any conversation. Can’t you just picture the afore mentioned cast traipsing about Rushworth’s estate? I certainly can.

Julia Bertram played by Bel Powley

Ah Mrs. Norris who could ever play your cruel, gossiping, miser of a character? (The true villain of the story by the way) Glen Close… I mean I think it’s perfect. As the sister to Lady Bertram and Fanny’s mother, Mrs. Price, I think Glen would be absolutely phenomenal!

Mrs. Norris played by Glen Close

William Price was my final character to cast. I needed someone heroic that could be everyone’s older brother, so I choose Dean-Charles Chapman. He could pull of that lovable rogue, who pops in everyone once and awhile to keep poor Fanny sane.

That brings us to Mrs. Price the youngest sister to Lady Bertram and Mrs. Norris. I needed a strong willed woman. Having just finished Sherlock I thought Amanda Abbington would be just that woman. Marrying a penniless soldier just to spite her family, Mrs. Price is the poor mother of many children. Her character is super interesting to me and would be fun to flesh out.

Mrs. Price played by Amanda Abbington

Mr. Price needs to be somewhat laughable and yet not all together repulsing. I think Mark Heap would be perfect. He could add the whimsical goofiness to the role and yet also be somewhat depressing as being a penniless man, who will never amount to anything.

Mr. Price played by Mark Heap

Finally if I could choose anyone to direct this film, who I would trust to do an amazing job and to do justice by Jane Austin’s story and characters, it would be Greta Gerwig. She wouldn’t see Fanny as some weak heroine, who’s character needed to be added to. She would see her quite strength and faithfulness and would finally give Fanny and Mansfield Park the justice in film it deserves.

Directed by Greta Gerwig

Yeah so this is how I’ve been spending my isolated hours. I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you agree with my casting? Who would you have casted differently? Would you see this movie? I’d love to discuss!

Lots of love,


Monthly Media Favs: March 2020

Hello everyone! Hope you are happy and healthy. This month’s media favs is gonna be a bit extensive, which is to be expected when one is stuck inside. I hope you enjoy!

TV Shows/Series

  • A Letter for the King- Let me first state that I have never read the book this show was based of off. So I have no preconceived notions or attachment to the original story. Maybe that is why I liked it so much. The biggest complaint I could find against this Netflix original was that it was a huge departure from the afore mentioned book. I would give this show a 7 out of 10. There were a few times that the horse chases(there are a handful especially in the first episodes) that got a little monotonous. But the characters were interesting and well rounded enough to keep me interested. Plus Netflix put some money into the production and there are a few surprise cast members I wasn’t expecting to see.
  • Sherlock- Don’t hate me but until this month I have never watched Sherlock. I know, have I been living under a rock? I greatly enjoyed the show- It’s obviously beautifully edited and shot… Plus Benedict and Martin are amazing. However the last season… It was great… But different… And I’m not sure I totally liked it. Does that make me evil? Does that even make sense? I’m still not totally sure how it rubbed me. I mean, cause the stories were so well thought out and you can tell they weren’t half baked… But yeah I can’t say I loved them.


  • Mary Queen of Scots- This movie was brilliant! If you remember last month I was on a Queen Elizabeth kick and so it was only natural to let that follow of history connect to Mary Queen of Scots. I think the story capsulized both Mary and Elizabeth perfectly. Saoirse Ronan was brilliant(as she normally is) but Margot Robbie I felt really stole the show. However that might just be because I am a Queen Bess fan. Anyway if you haven’t seen it; it’s a great film.
  • Emma- So my sister and I saw this in an empty theater when it first came out, ya know before the world ended, and it is superb. I went into it with low expectations however it is now my official favorite Emma adaption. All the cast was pitch perfect but Anya-Taylor Joy just steals all the attention with her unique and beautiful looks. Johnny Flynn who I hadn’t heard of before this is so charming and exactly what Mr. Knightly should be. I’m kinda obsessed with him right now, as you will see him appear later on in this list. This will be a definite purchase of mine when it comes out. However I still think $20 to rent a movie for 24-hours is a bit pricey. So I will leave that up to you, however it is a great movie.
  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy(extended edition)— Stuck inside? Nothing is better then watching the 5 hour long editions of these masterpiece films. If you have never seen the extended editions than you’ve never seen these movies at all. Sorry not sorry. I am not going to go into depth here cause ya’ll know these movies are great. Next we are going to start on the not as great, but still pretty awesome Hobbit Trilogy.


  • Wonderful World by Butterscotch- So this month’s music has definitely gone to the ladies. Probably my favorite find this month came from watching a Wired YouTube video(here) about beatboxer, super awesome woman Butterscotch. I’m not gonna spoil it but watch the video and then get this song. Now if she would only keep mixing up old blues and jazz songs.
  • Better Days by OneRepublic- I am slowly becoming a OneRepublic fan. And one of their newer songs is so relevant to what’s going on now. So here’s to better days!
  • The Game of Cards by Maddy Prior&June Tabor- Remember the movie Emma from up above? Well the soundtrack for that movie is so folky and adorable. This song is been on repeat this month.
  • Fever by Peggy Lee- Told you this month went to the ladies. Peggy Lee is a fav of mine and I love her take on Fever.
  • He’s a Tramp by Peggy Lee- But this song from Lady and the Tramp is my jam!
  • Head up High by We McDonald- An old school sound that just makes you walk a little taller. It’s been my workout track this month for sure.
  • Queen Bee by Johnny Flynn- Here’s Johnny! (sorry for the movie reference. I’ve never actually seen the Shining) He’s charming, good looking and can sing. He definitely deserves a few looks.
  • Strong Tower by Kutless- If I could pick one song to sum up this whole month… This would be it. It puts everything that is going on into perspective. God is still King.


  • Bridge Over River Andau by James A. Michener- This book was recommended to me by my boss, who lived several years in Budapest. It’s a great book and gives you a peek into the Cold War, Hungarian culture and communism. It’s also gotten me hooked on world history books. Which isn’t too much a departure for me, but this has gotten a bit crazy… Even for me. You’ll see next month on media favs what I mean.
  • Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring King by J.R.R. Tolkien narrated by Rob Inglis- Stuck inside? Never read the Lord of the Rings? Now is the time. I read the books and the Hobbit when I was in junior high, I think and I got a hankering to reread them. However I can’t very well have five books going at the same time so I turned to audible, which is totally acceptable and counts as reading a book. And this unabridged reading of the Fellowship is… beautiful.
  • Far From the Maddening Crowd by Thomas Hardy- I have got like 15, 17 chapters left to go and I am still enjoying, it’s just… World history and Lord of the Rings.

Board Games

  • Funko POP Strategy Game- Yes my sister and I have been playing with kids toys but this game is actually lots of fun and can get somewhat complicated. It’s not a half baked game concept. So it’s worth a try.

So what are some of the things you guys have been enjoying? What’s been your distraction these weeks? I might need to check it out. Until next time…

Lots of love,


Monthy Media Favs February 2020

TV Shows/Series

  • I haven’t been watching any shows this month. Unless you call rewatching Kim Possible a worthy mention? I am such a kid.


  • Light of Life- This movie was recommended to me by a friend and it was not bad. The father/daughter relationship makes the film and Casey Affleck(who is one of my favorite actors) is really good. The only complaint is that the ending is a little weak. I mean it’s good, but it leaves you wanting more. On the whole I’d give it a 7 out of 10. Maybe even a six.
  • Marrowbone- Speaking of favorite actors this movie was again recommended to me by a friend mainly because it has my new favorite actor in it George MacKay. Add to that it is a thriller, has Anya Taylor-Joy and so many amazing twists- I absolutely love this movie!! I need to watch it again though. It’s one of those movies you need to watch at least twice to get everything. So good.
  • Carrie Pilby- So this film almost didn’t make the list. It could have been really cute, but the language was a bit much and unneeded. And the way it was shot(the cinematography) was a bit- eh! Boring. That being said the ending scene(like the last minute) was so stinking cute that it kinda made up for the film’s faults. So yeah it wasn’t awful.
  • Elizabeth&Elizabeth: The Golden Age- I am a nut for period piece, especially historic depictions. These films are amazing(I mean obviously, though I do like the first one better than the second) I find this time of history particularly so cool. When you think how close England came to collapse it makes you remember how in the Bible it says God is in charge of appointing rulers and kings. How He sets up the right ruler at the right time for a specific reason. Elizabeth was one of those rulers.
  • To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You- So this movie to be totally honest was a bit of a disappointment. The first one was unique and had some cute unexpected moments. This one was a bit underwhelming. The plot seemed forced and the ending was very confusing. Like I am still confused and just feel bad for John Ambrose. So yeah.

This was the month for music, so be warned my list is rather long… Sorry in advance.


  • Ghosts– So you know how last month I told you was going to look into Sandi Thom… well I did and in addition to the afore mentioned song I love World War One, Earthquake, and Look Up.
  • Kids– OneRepublic is quickly becoming a new fav for me. I will however save all the songs I am listening to of theirs for next month and just mention this one that started it all. I blast this song! I am sure everyone around me greatly appreciates that.
  • You Don’t Even Know Me– Okay so my artist of the month and the woman who’s voice I dream of having is Faouzia. Her voice is absolutely beautiful and I can’t get enough. She is a relatively new artist and only has about a dozen songs. I have listened to them all but I will just list my favs below…
  • Tears of Gold
  • Born Without a Heart
  • The Road
  • This Mountain
  • Battle– As you can tell I am completely obsessed!
  • I am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger- For those of you who have seen the amazing movie 1917 you know this song. It is so haunting and beautiful and I just love it. I love that it is acapella, which just adds to the gorgeous performance.
  • Uptown Girl– I mean it’s Billy Joel and it’s ridiculously catchy. This is another song I have been blasting from my car.


  • A Year of Less by Cait Flanders- This was a recommendation to me by a friend. I have just started it and it is has been pretty good so far. It is all about Cait’s journey in which in one year she challenged herself not to shop… Like at all! I think what I like most about the book is that while she is telling you about her year of less you get a lot of background on her. She tells personal stories and lets you get a glimpse into her decision process that lead to her break of the spending habit. In next month’s media favs I’ll give you guys my final thoughts on the book.
  • Lift like a Girl by Nia Shanks- If you caught my gym post(here) than you’ll know I’ve decided to be more active. But I have no idea how to go about that in a healthy, not crazy way. I found this book on Amazon and it instantly peeked my interest. First because it is written by a woman and a fellow blogger, plus it isn’t a strict diet insane work out manual. Nia’s approach to working out is to make it become something you actually like doing as opposed to something you dread everyday. I just literally cracked this open yesterday and debated putting it one here, since it will make an appearance on March’s media favs, but the opening has me so excited to dive into this one I couldn’t resist putting it on here as well.
  • Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy- This was another recommendation from a friend. She knew my love for the classics and turned me in Hardy’s direction. I had never read anything by him and I didn’t quite realize how witty and sarcastic he was. I am about half way through and loving it.


  • I feel like I should stop including this category since I have really fallen off the podcast train. Oh well.

So let’s it peeps! What media favs have you been enjoying? Is there anything I should check out? Let me know in the comments below or on any of my social media accounts.

Lots of love,