Dream Cast for a Sabrina Remake

I know, I know- Remakes are awful. But hear me out on this one. So let me first say I love this movie to obsession. I mean I have-

An goldfish named George.

Sabrina 1954

Because of this I was super hesitant to come up with a dreamcast. But once I got started I found I couldn’t stop.

I think I should also take a moment to mention how much I dislike the 1995 remake. It’s trying to be too much like the original and in that failing awfully. That’s why with my reboot I would change the story ever so slightly. Again trust me! (By the way here is my dreamcast for Mansfield Park)


So this movie’s success and failure depends solely on it’s namesake Sabrina. A role made iconic, timeless and elegant by the one and only Audrey Hepburn. Recasting Audrey is a monumental task. One might even say an impossible one. Her looks and style, her nativity and sophistication are hard to find recapture. But I think I might have gotten there by casting Olivia Cooke the lead role. Have you guys seen her in Vanity Fair? She is awesome! I think her spunky, fun attitude would endear her to the audience and make her a different Sabrina from Audrey.

Olivia Cooke as Sabrina

Linus Larrabee

Talk about another tough casting!! Humphrey Bogart is my all time favorite actor. And is this movie he is fantastic! Going up against William Holden’s ever-lovable David and stealing Audrey from underneath his very nose is a task a lesser actor would have fumbled. But even an older, a little more awkward Humphrey pulled it off. He made you believe in love in the end. In casting a new Linus I wanted an actor who could capture the screen and provide the wit and humor and intelligence needed for the role. That’s why I chose Ben Mendelson. He fits the age requirements and is a very fun actor to watch on screen. I think he would be fantastic!

Ben Mendelson as Linus Larrabee

David Larrabee

Oh David! If I ever have another dog his name shall be David. (I told you I was obsessed) Anyhoo William Holden was terribly charming and adorable as David Larrabee. Even though we pleaded for Sabrina to get over David we understood her fascination. In recasting the playboy we need someone who is handsome and charming and yet not cruel or totally brainless to get with the program at the end. To achieve this I assigned Richard Madden to the role.

Richard Madden as David Larrabee

Elizabeth Tyson

Daughter of a tycoon, Elizabeth Tyson is a multifaceted character, who despite his lack of interest in her genuinely seems to care about David. In the 1995 version she is credit with helping David at the end set up Linus and Sabrina. In a attempt to give her character more of a role. Instead of doing this however, as I like David’s character growth and how his final acts show how much he loves his older brother; I’d make Elizabeth a little bit older and an almost a mirror image of Linus. Where she is the tycoon(or works jointly with her father) and is all for the merger. And despite herself maybe she has been in love with David for a while. They grew up together kinda thing. I also like how since she’s more Linus age and sped Sabrina might see her a rival for both her first fascination with David and her later love for Linus. Anywho I have casted one of my favorite actresses ever Carrie Mulligan as Elizabeth.

Carrie Mulligan as Elizabeth Tyson

Thomas Fairchild

Probably my favorite character in the original film, I struggled to find someone to play Sabrina’s father. I while I love the idea of Dustin Huffman playing Fairchild I feel like he may be a little too old. What do you guys think? I did think the fantastic actor would be able to intimidate Ben Mendelson’s Linus and go toe-to-toe with Mrs. Larrabee(see below)

Dustin Huffman as Thomas Fairchild

Mrs. Maude Larrabee

Okay this is probably my favorite casting- so I think this remake should combine Mr. Larrabee and his wife Maude into one character. Imagine Mr. Larrabee died long ago when Linus was in college, which required Linus with the help of his financial savvy mom(Maude) to take over the empire. Her strong will and deep love for her sons is a running theme throughout the story. She wants to run Sabrina out of town when she comes back after David, but is convinced by Linus’ logical mind to hold off. Never dreaming her eldest son would be in danger from the pretty Sabrina. For this strong woman I have picked the ever intimidating Glenn Close.

Glenn Close as Maude Larrabee

So what do you guys think? Any casting choices you disagree with? Would you ever like to see another remake of this movie?

Lots of love,


Oconomowoc Arts Festival 2021

Last weekend was the 50th Annual Arts Festival in Oconomowoc, WI. and my first time visiting the event. Oh boy did we have a blast!

Giving you some background; Oconomowoc is probably the cutest town in south eastern Wisconsin(in my personal opinion) Situated in the heart of lake country this classic American small town always has something going on. And this charming collection of local and far flung artists is no exception.

So one glorious Sunday afternoon Tay, her baby beardie and I headed out in search of culture and the unexpected,

The event did not disappoint in either category. There was so much unique talent represented and displayed.

We were told that normally the event is much bigger and yet given about a hundred vendors it definitely was well attended. These pictures are just a few of the works that stood out to me.

And of course I couldn’t go to an art event without coming home with a friend. Isn’t he glorious?

Lots of love,


DIY Good Will Fall Wreath

Ah it’s getting to be that time… my absolute favorite time of the year… fall!

With the return of chilly days, crisp smells and crunchy leaves comes the return of Hobby Lobby’s seemingly endless fall wreaths. All drool worthy and all horribly overpriced. Okay well maybe not all of them. Some are worth the buck. And yet why would one drop $80 on a wreath, when you can drop $10 at Good Will and get the same results? I ask you, why?

The supplies…

Growing up my Mom was the master recreator. Any sign, wreath, floral arrangement, etc. you saw in store or on Pinterest she could recreate. Naturally having daughters she taught us also the fabulous art of DIY.

Style #1

One of my favorite diy tasks was to redo my Mom’s ginormous wreath on the side of the house every season. We would cycle it through spring, summer and fall (a giant snowman head replaced it during Christmas and winter) and then back again.

My Mom was ever thrifty so we shopped clearance racks and garage sales for those perfect sprigs you finish off the decor.

Style #2

It’s been a while since I have truly diy’d anything and I loved it! It brought back all the memories. So which style was your favorite? Comment down below!

Leftover bits+bobs!!

Lots of love,


The Busy Business of Summer

How is everyone doing? Well summer is in full swing here now. This whole week has been upper 90’s in temps and the sun has been blazing down. Which has made swimming every day, all day an absolute necessity.

With summer comes an extra sort of busyness. Every night this week I have had an event or a party or something going on. Add that to work and meeting with friends, chores, cooking, writing- Ah! My calendar is booked!

That is why I wanted to write this brief post for you(and mostly for me) It’s okay to say no… it’s okay to have nothing to do… it’s okay to breath…

It is so easy to get swept up in activity and life that we loose sight of the important things. Quiet Bible study time with the Lord. Time spent with family where you’re not running somewhere to get something done. Sleep. And the list goes on.

So my encouragement to you this summer is just to slow down and take it easy. Don’t let the busy business of life distract you from the important.

And remember it’s okay to have some days where you have absolutely nothing planned.

Lots of love,


Nothing To Say

So if you want just a random, rambling post about nothing in particular then keep reading, because this post is for you! I have a couple of actually interesting posts in process and will try to get those out in the next coming weeks. But this week has been a catch up week for me.

All photos will be as random as this post, so enjoy!

Last week I had the stomach flu and was out for three days. While I was only sick one of those days I was so zapped of strength and bloated to be of any use for anything other watching Netflix and napping. Because of that I feel sooo behind on everything. I don’t seem to have enough time to do anything and it’s driving me nuts. Or maybe I am just organizing my time badly… Anyhoo with all this anxiety I am trying to give it to the Lord and just do what I can do.

Our art project this week for school.

That being said what have I been up to? My church had a revival series this week, which was utterly amazing and very encouraging. It was good to get my eyes off myself and back onto eternity and the Lord. To get back focused on spreading the Good News unabashedly and with unbridled joy. I mean I know the secret for joy(spoiler it’s not a secret) how can I not share it?! For those of you who don’t know Jesus Christ is the only source of peace and joy. (Here’s a full post on that)

German Pancake I made for the kiddos.

With improved health I got back to cooking/baking and this coming Monday I will have our next installment of the Culinary Challenge ready(read series here) Which I am so ecstatic about. Nothing as comforting as making and eating good food. Lol.

An art project I completed last week before I got sick.

Speaking of relaxing I am in love with doing art projects along with Emily Jane Lefebvre! Like I could waste all time doing this. All of it.

Finally a random picture of my breakfast- lol

Yeah so that’s it I guess. I know totally random and super brief look into my life and thoughts on this spring day. I hope you are all doing well.

Lots of love,


How to Build Habits

So my sister was lamenting the other day how she can just not set up a habit to save her life. She’s knee deep in her second semester of film school, plus working full time, plus trying to live and has found the balance hard to establish. I very casually(though I am not trying to juggle school and work) commented how easily I set up and fall into routines/habits. At which point she asked me to give her some pointers on how to get habits going for someone who is a non habit former, but thrives in that kind of environment.

So here is my attempt at doing that. And since I am doing it for my sister I thought I would share with you guys as well.

Consistency, Consistency

The first step I think to setting up any long lasting habit is to be consistent. Especially for the fist month or two. It will be tough and it may seem like it’s not gonna take, but trust me if you do whatever habit(whether that’s working out three times a week, reading a chapter a day, going for a walk everyday) for at least a month you’ll be well on your way to forming that habit.

First Hurdle

Getting a habit started has to include a good thought out goal. That end result your wanting to achieve. Whether that’s reading a book in a month, or getting all your homework done before the weekend. The point is to have a goal in mind so when you reach it you can check it off your list. Now you can be like me and actually write out a list(kinda crazy about lists) or obviously just have a mental one.


I think the other most important thing(behind consistency) about setting up a habit is making sure it’s grounded in reality. Setting up the goal to go from zero workouts to working out everyday a week is most likely doomed to fail. I found that gradually adding that new habit in is the best way to go. So yes maybe your end goal is to work out everyday, but if you start consistently working out two to three days for the first month you’ll give yourself breathing room and a good footing to keep going.

Being grounded in reality is also important, because if you think out your goal well enough you can account for all those excuses that will come along. For instance I wanted to get up earlier(even earlier) before work to read and do my Bible study(since doing them at night I’d just fall asleep) But this seemed impossible since getting up at four every morning sounded like torture. So I started with just one day a week, Tuesday since it’s my shortest work day. And I got up at four to four-thirty without beating myself if it was later. Gradually adding in Wednesday, then Saturday and Monday. (The only days I don’t do this is Sunday and Thursday, Friday since they’re my days off) Now I consistently(there’s that word again) get up at four and read from my multiple books till I go to work at six-thirty. This has resulted in me finishing five books since starting the habit.

The point is I gave myself a tamed down, smaller goal to reach first(getting up on just Tuesday early) and established that habit before working towards the next step.

Reaching that Goal

And there’s nothing like reaching that goal. For me anyway- I super goal oriented. I hope this was actually helpful and not just a major spewing of words on my part. Let me know down below if you’re a habit former, or what is a habit you’d like to establish.

Lots of love,


P.S. I find it easier to establish one habit at a time as opposed to trying to change your whole lifestyle. Again I feel like that is just setting yourself up to fail.

P.P.S. Also some habits just won’t stick(stretching every other day for me is just not working) and that’s okay. You can either try switching it up(going back to just stretching one day a week) or maybe revaluate if that habit is really one worth having.

Top Five Romance Films

Happy Valentine’s!! Yay for love- So I have no idea what you guys are doing for Valentine’s but my sister and I will probably eat a delicious meal and watch some cheesy movie. But what movie? Below I have compiled my favorite “romance” films. (I’m using romance very loosely as some of them might be more subtly romantic)

Decoy Bride

My absolute favorite rom-com! It is so deliciously ridiculous, while also being heart felt and believable… well as believable as any rom-com can be. If you have not checked this one out you are seriously missing out.

Emma 2020

While there will always be a soft spot in my heart for the 1996 version of this beloved story I absolutely love the new adaption! Anya Taylor-Joy is so much fun to watch and the raw humor coupled with Jane Austin’s considerable whit and a beautiful color pallet; this film zooms in for the win.


I mean it’s Boggie, Audrey and William in an love triangle of the century. Complete with French make over, ball gowns and… David! (Oh and also a goldfish named George)

100 Foot Journey

One of my favorite movies this one is packed full of love and food(it’s in France after all) Helen Mirren is charming and the food looks amazing. So yeah. Enough said.

Beautiful Fantastic

Last on the list is less a romance movie and more a film about friendships. Andrew Scott is amazing and my fav; plus Jessica Brown Findlay gives a very compelling performance. Add in Tom Wilkinson and you have a winner.

So what is your go to I’m-still-single-on-Valentine’s-Day-movie? As always…

Lots of love,


2020 Photo Diary

Valentines night 2020
I’m such a rebel.
Get ready for Yellowstone pictures!
Okay moving on…
I look fabulous!
So moody 🙄

And that’s it folks! So long 2020 with your ups and downs. It’s been a crazy year and it’ll be an even crazier one tomorrow. Wishing you and yours all the best this coming new year…

Lots of love,


Why is Christmas so Stressful?

I don’t know about you guys but this time of year is either all or nothing for me. Either it is crazy busy, bubbly and none stop go; or really lonely. There is like no in between. Last year was kind of “eh” time. And like at the totally other end of the spectrum this year has been the most Christmas-y Christmas I have had in a long time. I think that is probably because my baby sister is living with me. (So thankful she’s staying with me)

We’ve listened to Christmas music none stop since November 29th and we have basically watched a Christmas movie every night. (I think Tay is getting slightly tired of the music) We got our first ever real tree, made gingerbread houses and threw a Christmas party.

And the most lovely part is we haven’t been forcing any of this. We’re just doing it because we want too and not because we feel like we have to.

What’s the point of all this? Great you’re having a wonderful Christmas. So happy for you, but what does that have to do with me?

I just want to “give you the permission” not to do all the things. Christmas doesn’t have to fill some list or Instagram goal. It’s okay. I don’t know, maybe it’s super presumptuous of me to even write that. But I know I really need people to tell me it’s okay not to do everything. Don’t put that stress on yourself. Why should you? Who said Christmas was supposed to be perfect or trend worthy?

Anyway I just thought I would put this out there for those of us who need that permission. I hope this makes sense(it probably doesn’t) Oh well.

Merry Christmas!


Favorite Scary Movies

Hello everyone surprise post! I thought it would be fun to do a quick Halloween post of my favorite scary movies.

I’m the puppy at the end next to the dragon.

Let’s be clear growing up my family never really celebrated Halloween. We were the type to turn off all the lights and act like we’re not home; type of people. And while we were hiding inside we would watch a scary movie. For your perusal my top picks!

The Village

Really any of M. Night’s early movies(Signs, Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Split or Glass) could have made the list but this was always my favorite(if the least scary) Mainly because of the love story.


An oldie but a goodie; this movie coined the term gaslighting and after you watch this movie you’ll now why it had such a cultural impact at the time.

World War Z

I am not a zombie person- though as a teenager I was known to play Nazis Zombies with the siblings. But this movie was surprisingly well done. I know it detoured away from the book on which it was based but having never read the book I don’t mind.

I am Legend

Following that end of the world vibes this is one of my absolutely favorite scary movies of all time. Since the creatures in the film aren’t technically zombies I can handle this one with more ease. Though I may never forgive for Sam.

Shadow of Doubt

Again I could have listed quiet a few of Hitchcock’s movies(Rear Window, Suspension, Psycho, The Birds and on and on) but I picked my absolute favorite of his movies.

The Mummy

Okay so it’s not actually that scary anymore(ya know after seeing it five billion times) but that doesn’t stop it from being an absolutely great movie and a blast to watch.


If a good ole fashioned ghost story is more your speed than this one is worth it! So terrifying(in the best way possible) and stars two of my favs George MacKay and Anya Taylor-Joy, so the acting is on par.

A Quiet Place

Let’s finish this one of with a bang. I mean this movie has is all right? Drama, alien monster things that rip you apart even at the slightest noise you make, and Emily Blunt with a shot gun. Perfection.

Well there you go a complete list to give ya the shivers and chills.

Lots of love,