Yellowstone Packing List

Did you just read that right? Did I really write packing list? It feels like forever(and frankly it has been forever) since I have been on vacation. And man do I need it.

This was supposed to be a family vacation, but of course life gets in the way so it ended up just being my parents, my younger sister and myself, who braved Yellowstone in October. Look out next week(or the week after) for a trip round-up post or two. But for now here is what I packed for Yellowstone

Four ultra warm knits. I think it goes without saying that unexpected snows can happen unexpectedly up against the Rockies, so packing warm apparel is just common sense. Plus I love a good knit as you well know.
This was an 11 day trip, so I packed four pairs of pants to be worn on rotation. Again I went for durable and warm.
Next are just a couple of nice tops. That can easily be worn causally or be dressed up if we went out for the night.
The all importance of outerwear cannot be over stated. I packed both of my warmer fall coats(plus my light jean jacket not shown here) to protect against the chills.
And finally foot wear. Right up there with coats in importance. From a nice pair of loafers for loading through the shops of Jacksonhole, WY. to my Hunter boots in case it snows and/or floods. I think I am well covered.

Well that’s it! I can’t wait to show you guys the pictures from this much needed get away. Until next time,

Lots of love,


Stitch Fix September 2020

It’s that time again. Time to see my horribly dirty mirror and try to see the cute clothes beyond. Let’s get started!!

Boom Boom Jeans Utility Joggers – $38

First thing in the box were these super cute and beyond comfortable “dark grey” joggers.
Great lazy day pants, I have them styled here with my Banana Republic striped tee.
These were a keep for me. They’re cute enough to style and wear in public. But also I could see myself binging Netflix and chilling in bed on those colder nights.

Market&Spruce Button Down Top- $54

Next thing in the box was this top. Now I loved the color and the quarter sleeves. Plus the material was very soft and durable. Not hot like normal flannel…
However you know how I feel about flannel guys. I just don’t like how it looks on me. I adore it on other people but can’t quite pull off myself.
So this was sent back. Unlike the next item…

Pinque Crew Neck Pullover- $44

Isn’t it just adorable?! This is probably my second favorite thing in the box(stay tuned for my fav) So warm and the cut is just right. This was a no brainer keep. Am I right?

Market&Spruce Cargo Jacket- $88

I have received a jacket like this before in the box and thought it was cute then too. But I seriously have so many outer pieces(which you will see in an up coming post) that I knew this just wasn’t needed.
So back she went. And the final piece in the box-

Herschel Retreat Backpack- $90

I cannot tell you how I excited I was to see this waiting for me at the bottom of the box. My heart nearly exploded. I have been on the look out for a good backpack for when I go hiking with my sister and for an upcoming trip.(again more on this later) But I have had no luck in finding just the perfect bag. But this… this is gorgeous!! The plum color and simple design. This is by far the coolest thing I have ever gotten in a box.

The total price of the box came out to $235.49. This is definitely one of the better boxes I have received and has me excited to see what the next Stitch Fix brings.

So what did you guys think? Do agree with my returns and keeps? I’d love to hear. For more of my unboxing posts click here.

Lots of love,


What I Would Have Worn to New Orleans

With everything that is going on in the world it’s no great shock that my sister’s birthday, girls only trip to New Orleans has been canceled. Which is of course major bum city, but also wise. Since we don’t want to get sick and certainly don’t want anyone else to get sick because of us. Anyway I thought you guys still might like to see what I would have worn if we had gone. I must say it was fun for me today to mess around taking pictures and gave me the excuse to put on makeup and actually get dressed as opposed to sweats&pj’s. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that)

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

Outfit #4

There you have it! I think you can tell I had fun “modeling” for this post. (Lol) So which look was your favorite? I’d love to know! Leave it down in the comments below.

Lots of love,


Stitch Fix: March 2020 Unboxing

It’s already time for another Stitch Fix Unboxing? Dang time is flying! It is remarkable how as a child, time just used to creep by and all you wanted it to do was rush past all the boring school days and be summer already! I know a lot of you hate winter, but I don’t. I actually love the cool days and snowy nights and I think God’s color palette this time of year is spectacular.

But I think what I really want, is for time in general just to slow down a little bit. Or maybe just for me to slow down. What am I rushing for anyway? Why can’t we just enjoy what’s going today? Right now. Why does life have to be perfectly figured out this exact second? I mean I am as guilty of this as anyone. “Only if only I was older and wiser…” “Only if this would happen.” “Or this.” Nah thank you. I like being young and somewhat aimless right now. (Somewhat I mean I am working my dream job #nannyproud)

Sorry for the rant but hay it’s honestly what I was thinking about. Anyway getting to the post…

What was in the box?

Yes I want to be young and accept that my mirror is still filthy… And will always be filthy! #filthymirrorproud

The first thing in the box were these Studio Blue Sophia Utility Pocket Pants in olive($58) My stylist wanted to attempt to break my addiction with denim. These were super cute and fit perfectly but were not me so I returned them.

Next up was the above and below Brina&Em River Ruffle Sleeve Tie Front Blouse in burnt orange($38) I loved this top but I had just literally- like three days before- purchased something similar… So yeah this was a return as well.


…was this Sophie Rue Demeter Cardigan in light grey($48) Was not a fan of this at all. I have a grey cardigan but it is over sized and it is literally one of favorite pieces of clothing. This was an easy no for me. Moving on.

This is a Madwell(I love shopping from Madwell) Tara Single Pocket Pullover in red($68) I really liked this sweater… But I didn’t love it, ya know? Yeah so that was another no for me. If you remember last month’s box I kept every item except one. And now this box is so far a resounding no. But wait! There’s one thing left in the box…

Yeah I didn’t keep this either. Don’t hate me! If you all remember in my first every stitch fix I received something similar and kept it. Oh this is a Pink Clover Ameya Blush Knit Top($38) by the by.

So I didn’t keep a single thing from this box, but I’m not too bummed about it. I had a feeling even before this box arrived it was going to be a dud. Maybe because last month’s was so amazing. Maybe because it’s March and it is kind of hard to style this month. Who knows! I can’t wait for next month though. The grand total of this box was $250 for those you who are bad at math(like me) Until next time!

Lots of love,


Stitch Fix:Unboxing February

Be Picky with your clothes, friends and time…

Yay! I’m back. It has been a bit crazy here. My younger sister moved in with me and is working temporarily for the family I work for in order to help out with the crazy that goes on here. However a week in she caught the stomach bug and has just now shaken in it off. I went from having extra help to working five 12-hour days in a row(save me) I won’t lie it wasn’t fun and I about broke down from exhaustion(we all did to be honest) But hopefully we’re now on an up swing and life will get somewhat back to normal. Ha! We’ll see. (Tay is feeling much, much better by the way)

Anyway before the crap hit the fan I got my much anticipated Stitch Fix Box! I had let my stylist know that I was taking a girl’s only trip to New Orleans in a month(more on this later) and was wanting some new stuff for the trip. Boy did she deliver!

So I moved my still very dirty mirror into the bathroom. Thus my overflowing trash can… It’s real life people!

At the very top of the box was an item I knew I was going to keep without even a second thought and without even opening their adorable canvas bag. These Toms Carmel Suede Lace-up Sneakers in Blush($69.95) fit perfectly and are totally going to hit the streets of New Orleans.

Next up were these adorable Cosmic Blue Love Adrianne Distressed Boyfriend Jeans, which I also kept($88) and this cute Alice Blue Ambriz Pleat Front Detail Blouse($42) I didn’t keep the top because it wasn’t my style and I couldn’t see myself wearing it. However I could kick myself, since it was the only item I returned and if you buy the whole box you get an additional 25% off. I missed this detail, even though it’s clearly marked on the price sheet they sent me. Blonde moment. Oh well I wouldn’t have worn it anyway.


Is this totally adorable and surprisingly cool(as it lightweight and airy) RD Style Tracey Chenille Cable Cardigan in Olive($78) On trend and on my packing list I adore this cardigan, which can and will go over everything.

The final item in the box was a Market&Spruce Breton Cotton Blend Faux Suede Elbow Patch Striped Pullover($68)… If you guys have been following me for a while than you know I love stripes! Stripes and polka dots that’s my signature style.

When all was said and done the total of the box is $345.95 Pricer than last month’s but so jammed packed with goodies. I officially can’t wait for next month’s box.

What was your favorite piece this month? Leave it down in the comments below. Have you given Stitch Fix a try? Interested? Here’s my first impressions post that’s packed full of info on how to get started. Until next time…

Lots of love,


Trying Stitch Fix

So for Christmas my employers gave me a gift certificate to Stitch Fix “an online clothing shop designed to provide personal styling services for women at an affordable cost”. My boss has been using Stitch Fix for probably six or seven months and has greatly enjoyed it. Thus she decided to share the joy.

I must admit there was something fun about filling out their online style survey. It was cool to put your fashion choices under the microscope and to be really honest about what you actually wear. Like yes those heels and mini skirt combo is darling, but will I actually wear it? Yeah no! There are also mini tests on their app that just show you different articles of clothing and ask whether it’s your style or not. See super fun, right?

Their subscription process is also very user friendly. You can cancel whenever and have your profile set up to send you a box every week, every month, or every three moths. Which is super cool! I’ll probadly (if I continue the service) switch it to send me something new every three months. There is a flat $20- styling fee plus whatever clothing articles you decide to keep. (Bonus they accept PayPal- That’s like my unofficial check for an online store. “You don’t take PayPal? Then I’ll be shopping somewhere else”) You have three days to decide what you like and what you don’t, then just send it back in the pre-paid mail slip. Super easy and convenient.

Also if you let them know of a special event that’s coming up they will send you clothing specifically geared toward that event. Like in two months I’m going on a girls only trip to New Orleans for my sister’s birthday. I let my Stitch Fix stylist know and am excited to see what she sends next month. (Which I will of course share with all of you)

Without further ado- What was in the BOX…

Pardon the poor quality of the photos- It was early in the morning and kind of over cast 😦

They give you a styling card to give you some ideas on how to style the different pieces they send you. Plus a receipt of how much everything costs, which I will be sharing with you so you can see how much everything cost. Bare in mind that on their website when you are setting up your profile they ask you how much you typically spend on clothes and what kind of brands and quality of clothes you prefer. Okay the first piece was…

Oh look my mirror is dirty… Shocker. Anyway this is a Market&Spruce Jillianne Button Down Top($44-) and Just USA Hanna High Rise Skinny Jeans($58-)
So obviously super cute. I didn’t end up keeping either of these items however because plaid button downs are not my jams. And though the jeans fit perfectly and were ridiculously nice and comfortable… I already had a pair similar to them and I couldn’t convince myself that I needed two.
Next was this soft, creamy Nine Britton Dalia Colorblock Brushed Knit Top($44-) This ended up being the only thing from the box I kept. I’m a sucker for sweaters and the blush color palette was totally me. But there were two more articles in the box…
A Girly Joyce Infinity Check Scarf($34-) and the equally cute Eden Society Holly Contrast Hood Cargo Jacket($78-) Making the grand total of the box after they take their 25% discount off= $193.50

I am not a scarf person so that was an easy no for me. And I have soo many jackets. So yeah it wasn’t very hard for me to send it back.

So what are my closing thoughts? I am so far enjoying it and am excited to see what they send next month. I feel like that they got my style choices pretty spot on for the first box. And while the prices are a bit more than I like to spend (not that I haven’t spent that kind of money on clothes, but I do try to shop mostly sales racks or at resale stores) remember that if you don’t want to keep any of it you don’t have to. You can send it all back! They either send a new box that month(if you want) or save it for the following scheduled date. Yeah so I think it’s a wonderful service, but it might not be a necessity for me a shop alcoholic. At the same time maybe it will curb my buying habits since I know the latest fashions are coming in the next post. That would be lovely if it wear true. I really think I could learn to love this site. I really do.

Lots of love,


Two Empty Sweaters

With seven days off to be with my whole family the Christmas season was looking bright and care free. But life rarely turns out so simple and carefree. To start with my parents 16 yr. old yorkie took a turn for the worst the week before Christmas and they eventually made the decision to put her down. She’d lived a long and good life and it was time. Still her sudden change of health came, if not at a surprise than at least at a fast.

Everyone was of course sad for her lose, but we never dreamed that just two days later my sister’s three old Havanese, Dot would bolt from the house. After a five hour search through the dark, cold Illinois night we eventually had to wait till morning to search again. (I ended up getting an awful had cold because of the fridge temps) By morning we searched again for hours and found no sign. Flyers went up along with Facebook pages and ads in the newspaper. As of this writing(seven days later) Dot is still missing. There’s a small chance she’ll be found and returned to my sister, but that chance gets smaller everyday.

Bella and Dot…

My parents(since my youngest sister still lives with them) went from having three dogs to just the one in less than a week. I know they’re just dogs and they don’t live forever, but these darling fur-babies grab hold of your heart, don’t they? We may never know what became of Dot, or where she ran too, but I do know that God is in charge of even this. It hurts and it sucks, but He loves Dot even more than we do(He created her after all) and He knows exactly where she is and who she’s with.

Anyway if you guys can be please praying, especially for my sister. Two sweet puppy Christmas sweaters went unworn this year and it tares at my heart.

Lots of love,


Christmas Diary 2019

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to all of you!! I hope you had an amazing holiday and are excited for the new year and the new decade. I have two very special posts going up(one of which I have been working on all year) in celebration of 2020! But first I thought I’d give you a quick blow by blow of my Christmas break with my family.

Sweet Pupper kisses 😘

The break began with a bang. We went Christmas food shopping and as my sister said, “Our cart is very fun.” Not a healthy, fat free thing was to be found. Mostly butter and chocolate. All in all we had a great time. The night however ended horribly when my sister’s dog ran away… we still haven’t found her. I’ll write more on this later, because I want this post to be kinda upbeat. (I don’t want to cry right now)

The next day brought so much Christmas cookie baking. My family apparently can’t do anything half way, so we did like six or seven different kinds of cookies…
It was very exhausting.

The day after that was family picture day and a crap ton of pizza, hot chocolate bar, puzzles and the Mandalorian! Again we can’t do anything by halves.

We’re looking fly!

Mercifully Monday turned into a day of rest(I had an awful head cold my entire time home… figures) and I literally just bummed around… it was glorious.

Christmas Eve carried on our family tradition of all day junk and snack food with board games. My sister and I took my Mom on in Scrabble(her favorite game) We we were shocked when we both beat her. Were we really that good??? Yeah no. The next game she creamed us. Beating us both by a margin of 140 points… she then proceeded to tell everyone how badly she’d beaten us.

Christmas Day started with my dad’s famous French toast and bacon, then presents, more games, naps and a ham dinner. I apparently was so lazy I didn’t take any pictures… oh well!

How was your Christmas? Does your family have any Christmas traditions? What was the highlight of your holiday? Please leave and comment below and don’t forget to subscribe!

Lots of love,


Christmas Mood

Kind of like I did back in this post I created a board on Pinterest where I put my random inspiration for the season. Be fashion, food or just unique photos that got me thinking about Christmas. I hope you enjoy!

As you can tell I’m digging the green…

There you have it! Just random, randomness but pretty to look at. Have you ever tried creating a mood board? Or a mood collage with your own work? I’d love to know!

Lots of love,


What I’m packing for a Weekend in North Carolina

I’m on the road again! Or should I say in the plane again. My love for traveling has definitely taken wing(pun intended) as I’ve taken more trips in the last two years than in my entire life. Not complaining! I love everything about traveling. The planning and packing, the actual traveling and of course the lovely memories that get tucked away for a rainy day. (As I mentioned in today’s early post, which if you haven’t read it you totally need to. Not saying just saying)

Since my older brother is unable to come home for Thanksgiving I am flying down there(North Carolina) the weekend before to spend a few days with him and his puppy Buck. I am planning on doing a vlog of this trip for those of you who enjoyed my first ever vlog about a month ago. I swore I would never do another because I thought it was just goofy but you guys(who are lovely human beings by the way) seemed to love it. So you’ll be getting vlog number two sometime after I get back. Keep a look out on my site and Facebook for details.

Anyhoo I thought I would share with you guys what I’m packing for this quick visit. And yes I am once again practicing my flat lay outfit pics… I personally think I suck at these but I was too lazy to actually model every single look. Plus my room looks like Santa’s workshop right now with all the Christmas presents and wrapping paper. (Which I explained in this post- I feel like this week I’ve been very chatty… Oh well I guess it makes up for the weeks when I’m not)

Excuse the wrinkles. But my airplane travel outfit is just a tee-shirt and my black leggings, North Face Fleece Jacket, Kate Spade Polly Crossbody, And Kate Spade+Keds Glitter Sneakers
So outfit #2 is my alpaca wool, terribly comfortable Dry Goods Knit Sweater, which I got on sale and therefore is no longer available, but this one is similar. Plus my Levi’s High-rise Skinny Jeans.
So outfit #3 is basically just bringing my Harry Potter Hogwarts Alumni T-shirt. My fourth and finally outfit will just be made of the different pieces I’ve already packed, so I’m not packing a ton of stuff into my carry on.

That’s it guys! I’ll see you in my next post and keep a look out for my upcoming travel vlog to North Carolina.

Lots of love,