How to Waste a Day

So let’s say you have a random Friday and you need something to do. Well I’m gonna share with you guys one of my fav places to waste a day. The beautiful town of Cedarburg, WI. 

The trick is to start your morning with a hot cup of coffee from Cedarburg Coffee Roastery. Or if the day is hot and coffee is just not appealing, I highly recommend their berry smoothie. (So yummy!!) 
Next go shopping! There are several resale shops/antique stores but also don’t be shy to check out the numerous speciality stores. You never know what treasures you’ll find. 
And if you’re especially lucky they’ll be having their Farmer’s Market in which case you need fresh cheese curds. (Don’t argue, you do)
If all this shopping starts to make you feel peckish stop for lunch at Boulangerie Du Monde. A delicious bakery! (Warning- The smells alone are fatting, but who really cares!) The Spinach, Fetta Croissant is a personal must, which they only make on Fridays. 
It was so good I ate more than half before I took the pic- Sorry!

After you’re stuffed with warm, bready goodness take a stroll down by the river. This town is just packed with the hometown charms.

To rap up your waste-a-day don’t- And I mean don’t- forget to stop by Amy’s Gourmet Apples and Candy Kitchen! Either pick up an apple to take home, or let them cut it for you to snack on while you drive. (Or do both! Both is good) 
Bet you were expecting a pic of an apple… It didn’t make it that far! 
So do yourself a favor and go have fun, while doing nothing in particular.

Lots of loves,
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