2019 Milwaukee Kite Festival

Let’s go fly a kite! Up to the highest height! Up where the air is clear, up through the atmosphere! Let’s go fly a kite!

Where can you feel like a kid again (I mean where’s another place you can feel like a kid again, cause I don’t know about you guys but feel like a kid a lot)? Why the 32nd Annual Milwaukee Kite Festival of course! 

Fly your own kite or watch the professionals do their amazing kite ballets. Get warm kettle corn or a bart (it is Milwaukee after all) and just enjoy the sun, the people watching, the lake, the city skyline and the mud… Yeah the only downside to an otherwise perfect outing.
If you guys remember a couple of posts back I mentioned how much rain we’d gotten, and much of the rest of the country has enjoyed as well; let’s just say it’s been a very wet spring. But it’s just mud right? In fact I was forced to go barefoot after my sandals got stuck in the mud. (I’m thinking Yzame here guys) 

Anyhoo this two day event is definitely family oriented, but don’t let that deter you if you don’t have any kids or can’t borrow any. It’s still worth a gander and did I mention it’s free? Plus Milwaukee’s Veteran Park is one of either the top ten places to fly kites in the world or just in the U.S. Either way it was absolutely perfect for kite flying.
So put it on your calendars people next Memorial Weekend to go be a kid for a few hours and yes, fly a kite!
Lots of loves,
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