Here it is the last melon! We did it guys. We got through all seven layered outfits. It feels so good to have it all done.
This is the kind of outfit you wear when spring is fading happily into summer… I hope. I’m so ready for it to be hot.
Gitano (super old) “White” Linen Blouse (similar) Kensie Embroidered Pants (Sold out), Tomms Wyatt “Blush” SunglassesOld Navy Faux-Suede Sling Backs “Teal”LC Compass Pendant
As you probably noticed I reused  the pants from a previous 7LOS post. (Also the shoes are a beloved re-wear) What can I say? I love, LOVE these pants. 
Just you guys, I mean I think you can already tell, but all the outfits featured in my posts I wear/have worn in real life. I don’t run home and change into something actually wearable. (All my outfits are wearable and are comfort inspired)
Except with this outfit, because yes this i the gorgeous white, linen shirt I dumped coffee down the front of… Wow Tally, just wow. I am happy to report I did get the ginormous stain out of the front and it is no worse for wear.
Interesting thing about this shirt is that it is a garage sale find. (Or rummage sale. Why are they called rummage sales in Wisconsin? Is it just me or does that somehow sound worse than garage sales as they’re referred to in Illinois?) A woman must have been selling all her mom’s old clothes for a buck each and literally no one was interested. But as I was flipping through them I kept thinking how if I cut out the shoulder pads how cute they’d be. I could kick myself for not buying more, but in the end I just walk away with this one… and two skirts.
So for those of us who love vintage touches in our wardrobe shop gate sales and thrift stores. Nothing beats finding that vintage designer piece hiding in the moth balls.
Yay we done! Which was your favorite look in this series? Let me know in the comments below or via any of my social accounts.
Can’t remember them all, here they are:
6. Free as a Bird
7. Linen&Sand 
Lots of loves,
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