Beach Bum

Today I picked up one of my old summer habits from last year; devoting at least one morning a month to sitting by Lake Michigan. And what a morning this is, it’s going to get up 81 degrees today and be perfectly sunny with a pretty decent breeze. I like coming as early as I can drag myself out of bed since the only people on the beach are older couples for a stroll, people walking their dogs or, of course, you athletic work-out types, who just make me feel lazy and unhealthy and out of shape. 
Oh it’s just gorgeous! The rolling of the water and the silent flapping of the seagulls as they hunt for their breakfast. It’s just so calm and beautiful, like any morning at the beach should be. 
This is one reason I love working on the weekends; I get to go to popular places when practically no one else is there! Which fir my introverted soul is amazing! Don’t get me wrong I love people… Just at a distance. Ha! That makes me sound like a complete snob.
The water is of course ice cold and my feet just got numb for walking in it, but it is so refreshing. I’m so thankful to God that my life is where it is that I can spend a morning enjoying His creation.
I like pictures of my feet apparently.
A trip to the beach is always followed up by coffee and lunch, which is always busy no matter what time of day it is. Do people not work? (I’m joking of course) Thankfully I have found a nice table outside under the trees and the breeze. This is practice for London with their chic, little coffee shops, which is only 15 days away from becoming my destination! 
Next week I’ll be cleaning George’s tank and really hammering what I’m taking and what I’m not. You guys are obviously not going to be hearing for me that week, but be prepared to be overwhelmed with pictures afterwards!  
Well my perfect morning is done as I drag myself home to wash my shirt, which I just dumped coffee done the front of… And it’s white linen… (eye-roll) That’s what I get for writing and drinking. Clearly I can’t multitask. Bye for now guys!
Lots of loves,
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