Free as a Bird

I know, I know it’s the first week in June and I’m just now finishing up our series Seven Layered Outfits of Spring, but hay it’s still technically spring. I feel really proud for even finishing this series to be quiet honest with you. I didn’t think we could before the big trip. But we did all 7 people! So be sure to tune in tomorrow guys for a double feature, one of which will be the last official look.

This particular outfit was an accidental masterpiece the first I wore it, but it definitely incorporates my fav elements of any look: stripes and polka dots!
The cheese cloth like sweater is of course very light weight, perfect for spring layering, and it’s extra length for tucking or in this case knotting the front. Unfortunately it’s no longer available online but this and this have a similar vibe. I cannot tell you how many compliments I got for it. It is such an eye catching top.
Bonus thought: the simple makeup is very French inspired and I think I finally learned how do a straight-ish cat eyeliner! (I gave up attempting it years ago) Here’s the link to the video as she explains it a lot better than I could. I might do a separate post to French inspired makeup, what do you guys think? Interested? Let me know in the comments down below, which I hope are working. If not let me know via any of my social media accounts below. 
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