That Nomad Life

So as I mentioned in this post my parents are on to their next big adventure, becoming full-time RV-er’s! Or as I like to refer to them Gypsies. This has been a lifelong dream of my Dad’s and my Mom has fallen in love with it too, since us kids have grown up and scattered to the winds. (Or are at least are planning too anyway) 

I interviewed my parents about their journey into becoming Wanderers and thought I’d pass it on to you guys in case you’ve been interested in the nomad life yourselves. 
  1. What was the dream?
To become full time Rv-er’s and to be completely independent of any one area.
2. How long was the process in making that dream a reality?
A year and a half now, but we’re not done yet.
3. How was it selling everything?
Labor intensive and mentally humbling, but also a freeing experience. 
4. What key things were non-negotiable when buying an RV?
Cost. We didn’t want to go over a certain amount. Especially with taxes and registration and work ups that might need to be done. There are hidden costs when buying used but it was still a better deal.
5. Favorite thing about the remodel?
Mom- “The hard wood floors!”
Dad- “The TV mount.” 
6. Hardest thing to remodel?
Both- “Electricity! We still haven’t gotten that all figured out yet.”

7. Anything you would have done differently with remodel?

Not fiddling with the electricity. Worked on the blown fuses then lost everything, then got half of it back. Something’s blown somewhere but we’re gonna take it in this time to have it looked at.

8. What are you most looking forward to being gypsies?

Seeing different places and having new experiences. Especially up the East Coast, or Yellow Stone! And then working seasonal jobs at the parks/forest reserves. It’ll be fun!
9. What are somethings you’ve learned and could pass on to other people thinking about becoming gypsies?
Go for it! But take it one step at a time, don’t force it. Be willing to change parts of the plan to fit your circumstances and be fluid in your expectations. Don’t quit your job till you have something else lined up!
Lots of loves,
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