Windowsill Garden Tour 2021

I was just lovingly watering my beloved Herbert(pictured above- yes I named him and yes it’s a him and yes I am slightly crazy) When I realized I haven’t done my New Year tour of my plants! In addition I am going to tell you about my new additions(super excited) that I’m planning on.

So if you are familiar with my previous two windowsill garden tours, than you know I used to have a variety of green friends… Well the only survivors are my Mom’s African Violets(couldn’t kill these if I tried) my Aloe(which frankly surprises me) my cactus and Christmas Cactus(which I did over water back in the fall and almost killed it)

Some new additions(including the golden weenier affectionately called Dawson below) will hopefully be…. *drumroll please* A lemon tree, a coffee plant, herb garden, potted tomato and maybe a ginger plant! Not too ambitious is it? I am going to slowly add my additions with the herbs coming first since I’m most familiar with them. And then branch out from there. So we’ll see. Any indoor gardeners out there? Please help! I think my ideas might be bigger than my ability.

Here is the link to my previous garden tours: here and here.

Lots of love,


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