Random Random-ness

It’s finally happened- I have no idea what to write! That’s not too bad is it? Since last August I’ve been turning out weekly blog posts. And it’s not completely true to say I don’t know what to write about, cause I actually have quiet a few things I can’t wait to tall ya guys about but I can’t… Not yet anyway.
Well anyway I went to lake front yesterday, because I was bored and needed to get out of the house. The original plan was to go to the art museum, however I got caught up n God’s art work instead.
Standing by the lake I wished I knew some beautiful sonnet to quote off by heart. The hush of the shining, white snow against the excited energy of the churning waters and the pastel pallet of the sky; deserved some clever and passionate speech of the glories of nature. Something beyond my capabilities anyway.
Lots of loves,
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