The Making Of Harry Potter vs. A Magical World Of Harry Potter

If you read my London post than you kinda already know my final judgement on which of these two destinations I like better, but I thought a more in depth post would be helpful.
Let me start this off by saying the Making Of is a tour, so more like a museum experience where you get to see the actual costumes and props; while a Magical World is a theme park… So rollercoasters. But both are so similar in feel and obviously content that I think a comparison is necessary.
  1. Diagon Alley 
Let’s start where Harry started his adventure into the world of magic and talk about Diagon Alley.
There’s really no contest here in my opinion. Florida’s alley is spectacular! You actually believe you’re there and can actually go into the Leaky Cauldron for a bite to eat, or Weasely’s Joke Shop or Alivander’s for your own wand!
London’s is just a walk through the set, so can see how they filmed the scene. I mean Gringott’s Bank is gorgeous, since they built it to scale and carefully constructed the enormous chandlers, but in a Magical World there’s a giant dragon on top of Gringott’s that breaths actually fire. (Plus there’s a rollercoaster inside of it)

2. Food
The ultimate deciding factor in my opinion. And once again the victory goes to a Magical World. Yes the food in a Making Of is great; they have Butter Beer and some awesome ice cream.

But no Pumpkin Juice, which is my fav and the restaurant food was good but not mind blowing. Which in contrast to the Leaky Cauldron which was amazing!
3. Merchandise
Here both come out pretty even. I mean it’s the same stuff, same quality of stuff and basically the same price. My two greatest purchases have to be Ron’s Jumper (Florida) and my Raven Claw Cardigan(London). Both are a 100% wool (so super warm) though the cardigan is made from real Scottish wool just like in the movies. How cool is that?

4. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft&Wizardry
My final test is Hogwarts itself. A Making Of set of the Great Hall, since you get to walk through it, is super cool. And it’s scale model of the school is arguably the best part of the tour.
That being said coming around the corner at Universal and seeing Hogwarts for the first time on top of the hill with Hugsmead below it… Is magical. Plus there’s an awesome rollercoaster inside of it. 

In the end my opinion is the same: if you’ve been to Universal than don’t stress about going to a Making Of , or if you’re trying to decide between the two go to Florida.
I hope this helped. If you have any other questions please let me know.  
Lots of loves,
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