What do Parents Look for in a Nanny?

We talked about what to look for in a work-family when applying to be a live-in nanny; plus since they’re in the process of hiring a new live-out nanny(Here) I thought it would be helpful to get the perspective from the other side. So I asked my bosses what they look for in an applicant (be aware some of their answers apply more to the live-in position but are applicable to a live-out as well) and here are some points they came up with:
  1. Maturity-
They agreed that maturity doesn’t exactly depend on age as it does on mindset and that each situation is unique. But they said they would hesitate to hire an 18 year old, who was just looking to get out of their parents house. It’s a job that offers the next big adventure for sure, but they want someone who sees that and not just a way to escape.
2. Flexibility-
So this is huge! It’s probably the most important thing to have as a live-in. My weekly schedule is pretty standard, but I know that could change very quickly and I need to be able to roll with it. Plus I’m on call technically 24/7 if an emergency takes place or something. When they travel and I go with, I pretty much work the whole time (which we covered here). All that to say, it is not a 9 to 5 job, so if you can’t be flexible this is not the career for you.
3. Similar Values- 
This harkens back to the pervious post when we talked about having a similar lifestyle. It can get real uncomfortable for the family if your lifestyle is in complete contrast to theirs. Remember they are essentially inviting you into a personal viewing of their lives. If you feel uncomfortable, imagine how they feel exposing themselves like that. 
Yes, being a nanny is a job, but you become apart of their daily lives. It’s so important to remember they’re only human and have feelings just like you.
4. Stepping Stones-
Obviously becoming a nanny (like most all professions) can lead you to bigger and better things. But a potential hiring family wants stability. They don’t want to hire you only have you quiet 3 months later. Like I said you become a part of their daily lives so you can’t just up and quit. You need to give them as much warning as you can.
5. Kids’ Opinion-
Yep that’s right the kids’ opinion of you matters. Isn’t that shocking? (Not) If they don’t like you than you’re probably not gonna get hired. When you interview the parents will watch how you interact with their kids. Ultimately (hopefully) the parents are going to do what’s best and right for their children.
I think in closing it’s important you remember that in the end they are the family unit. You do become a part of their family as a helper and a friend, but they are the family. And you need to respect that and do whatever you can to protect it. Finding that balance can be difficult and sometimes it might mean removing yourself from the equation all together.
Being a live-in nanny is more of a lifestyle than a job, but it’s something I love doing. 
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