Monthy Media Favs

A brief cover on what I’ve been enjoying this past month. I think I might make this regualr thing on my site. At the end of every month do like a round up on what TV shows, movies, music, books and podcasts I’ve been digging. You guys could also share and let me know what your Monthy Media Favs are!

TV shows/series

Mind Hunter– Okay so I love crime shows and ones based off actual people are even better. It’s definitly a family thing since my sister turned me onto this show. It’s based on the real founding of the BAU(Behavorial Anaylsis Unit) of the FBI. (You know, Criminal Minds)And though some of it is dramatized(it is television afterall) it’s obviously super interesting. Plus nine times out of ten the things I think are the over dramatized portions tend to be the real life stuff. If the two seasons(avalible on Netflix) are not enough for you then you should check out the books written by John Douglas, who is played flawlessly by Jonathan Groff.

Unbelievable– Continuning our true crime theme, I highly recommend Unbelievable! It was so good! Warning: it is hard to watch. Dealing with a serial rapist the subject matter is… Dark. But if you want to see amazing performances by Kaitlynn Dever , Merritt Wever, and Toni Collette than look no further.


Murder on the Orient Express– Yes we all know who “done it” in this one. (If you don’t you seriously need to get with it) But the book is so good you guys! And it’s not a hard read, nor is it super long so totally doable. Busy Nanny approved!

Murder of Roger Ackroyd– So I haven’t totally finsihed this one, but I am more than half way through! That’s something.

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell– I haven’t finished htis one either, but I am so so close. Like I can see the end kinda close. Anway this is a totally interesting read. My boss passed it on to me and it’s all about the study of how we make spilt second decisions. And whether that’s a good thing or not. As a big believer in the importance of situaltional awareness and listening to ones “gut”, I think it’s simply fascinating. Now let me put a cavat here; I don’t agree with everything he says but again I think it’s worth a read.


Vienna – I’ve been playing this song on repeat. It’s like it was written for me in this stage of my life. And no I’m not being dramtic.

Brand New Key– I knew about this song but my Dad recently reintroduced me to it and I’ve been loving it.

Foreplay/Long Time– Finally I have been blasting this from my car. Sorry to all of the people who have had to listen to Boston with me… Not that sorry.


Cold – Guess what? It’s a true crime podcast. Shocker I know. It deals chiefly with the disappearance and murder of Susan Powell from Colorado. Anyway it was really good.

That’s it guys! Let me know what you have been enjoying media wise this past monthy via the comments below or any of my social accounts with #monthymedia Also don’t forget to sign up for email alerts about new content.

Lots of love,


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