Christmas Top Ten: Eighteen&Below

Only two more of these blasted posts left! Yay!! Who’s excited? (Me) Who thought I wouldn’t get these done? (Also me)

  • Hangman’s Curse & Nightmare Academy– Continuing a theme we started in our last post, books are a gateway to so many amazing things and so many hours of amazing adventure.
  • Cranium– Probably the best game ever invited (my personal opinion of course) this game is loads of fun! Seriously… Seriously.
  • An Angel’s Story– I present to you the Christmas book stocking stuffer for this list. A Christmas tale with a little more grip, which is enthralling from the first page. Love it!
  • Clothes- From sassy graphic t-shirts to name brand threads, no teen will ever say “nah” to clothes.
  • Gift Cards- Since teens can be hard to shop for skip the drama and give the gift of a shopping trip. Again they will never say “nah” to this.
  • Nerf Axes– What is it with boys and twirling things/throwing things/hitting each with things? At least these are padded.
  • Stationary- Put their names on it and them matching gel pens and markers and stickers and so and so and so. Just let the creative juices flow! Maybe it’s just me, who was always scribbling on loose pieces of paper(still do) but I loved getting notebooks and pens for Christmas.
  • A Day Out- Something a friend of mine is getting in the tradition of giving her kids, instead of gifts are experiences. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, or a night to the theater(or movies), or a trip to a museum. They grow out of things and clothes and likes, but quality time with you is irreplaceable.
  • LEGOs- Again! Cause who doesn’t like LEGOs?
  • Funko POP Figures- These adorable little figures of their favorite movie, TV, and game characters are fun gifts that are highly addictive. (Why are they so sticking cute?!)

Lots of love,


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