Favorite Scary Movies

Hello everyone surprise post! I thought it would be fun to do a quick Halloween post of my favorite scary movies.

I’m the puppy at the end next to the dragon.

Let’s be clear growing up my family never really celebrated Halloween. We were the type to turn off all the lights and act like we’re not home; type of people. And while we were hiding inside we would watch a scary movie. For your perusal my top picks!

The Village

Really any of M. Night’s early movies(Signs, Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Split or Glass) could have made the list but this was always my favorite(if the least scary) Mainly because of the love story.


An oldie but a goodie; this movie coined the term gaslighting and after you watch this movie you’ll now why it had such a cultural impact at the time.

World War Z

I am not a zombie person- though as a teenager I was known to play Nazis Zombies with the siblings. But this movie was surprisingly well done. I know it detoured away from the book on which it was based but having never read the book I don’t mind.

I am Legend

Following that end of the world vibes this is one of my absolutely favorite scary movies of all time. Since the creatures in the film aren’t technically zombies I can handle this one with more ease. Though I may never forgive for Sam.

Shadow of Doubt

Again I could have listed quiet a few of Hitchcock’s movies(Rear Window, Suspension, Psycho, The Birds and on and on) but I picked my absolute favorite of his movies.

The Mummy

Okay so it’s not actually that scary anymore(ya know after seeing it five billion times) but that doesn’t stop it from being an absolutely great movie and a blast to watch.


If a good ole fashioned ghost story is more your speed than this one is worth it! So terrifying(in the best way possible) and stars two of my favs George MacKay and Anya Taylor-Joy, so the acting is on par.

A Quiet Place

Let’s finish this one of with a bang. I mean this movie has is all right? Drama, alien monster things that rip you apart even at the slightest noise you make, and Emily Blunt with a shot gun. Perfection.

Well there you go a complete list to give ya the shivers and chills.

Lots of love,



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