Christmas Top Ten: 10 yrs.&Under

You know how Christmas is, when you have all these grand plans of having everything nice and done before the actual day; but instead find yourself, if not necessarily stressing, than in a total whirlwind of activity that you barely have time to breath let alone think. Yeah I had all these plans for the blog this lovely holiday season, but instead find myself woefully behind on just my regular posts! (Please don’t be mad at me) I will try my utmost to get the ball rolling again. So without anymore gab from me here’s our second Christmas list!

  • Calico Critters- What little girl doesn’t want a whole world of adorable, fuzzy creatures complete with the smallest of details? This girl does! Here are some of my favorite sets: this one, this one, and this one.
  • LEGO Star Wars– Equally who doesn’t want LEGO sets? Especially LEGO Star Wars sets? (Again this girl does… seriously does one ever grow out of LEGOs?)
  • Play Kitchen– The ultimate dream come true for any kid is their own kitchen complete with play food. This is something that they will play with over and over and over again. Plus playing pretend with them leads to some hilarious discussions. I have personal experience on this point.
  • Play Tool Set-For the little man in your life look no further than a real tool set that he can actually use and bang away at. Perfect for the tinker and for that kid who is fascinated by light switches and doorknobs.
  • Building Magnets– My top pick on this list are these babies! Providing literally hours of creativity and activity these are my go-to travel toys and rainy day hold outs. Perfect for a wide range of ages this are literally the best!
  • A Bike- One of my all time favorite gifts for Christmas was a bike. It’s sure to get your little human jumping with enthusiasm.
  • Play-doh Set– Nothing says fun like squishy, colorful, messy play-doh! If you’re especially creative and time savvy you could make homemade play-doh and put your own festive holiday set together. (But who has time for that?)
  • Crippled Lamb– Our Christmas book, stocking stuffer for this list was featured in a post I wrote last year Nine Christmas Children Books. It’s a classic that is sure to bring a tear or two to your eye.
  • Book Series(Anne of Greengable, Captain Underpants, Nancy Drew)- You get the idea. Not to sound too cliche but the gift of reading, or rather the love reading, is one of the greatest gifts you can give.
  • Hot Wheels Track– I feel the need. The need for speed! I mean these things can take forever to put together but I can still remember planning for hours with my brother and his cars. Bring on the bad traffic and horrific commute times. (Is the car jokes too much? A little cheesy, right?)

See you all on our next list!

Lots of love,


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