Stitch Fix: April 2020

Hello everybody! I wasn’t sure I was even going to write this post. I was that disappointed with this month’s box.

Out of the four or five boxes I have received from Stitch Fix this is the first dud. So I guess that’s not an awful track record. I’m going to give them another try next month, which will be late in June(I switched my frequency of fixes to every other month) And hopefully get back to styles that actually suit me.

First up in the box…

Was this Nine Britton Smocked Bottum Blouse in Beige and Judy Blue Button Front Fray Hem Skinny Jeans in Black. The jeans(while they fit perfectly) were not me at all. Too rock-n-roll. As for the top it was sheer and would require me to wear something underneath it, which I felt defeated it’s purpose. Both items were a return for me.

Next was…

Was this top; Nine Britton Waffle Henley Knit in Burgundy. I felt it was out of season. A maybe for me in the fall, but definitely not in spring. I returned this as well.

Then there was this Temma Denim Jacket in Mustard. Cute, but again just not me…


Was this top by Pink Clover in Navy. This top while more along my style was just not cute enough to tempt me. So I returned this one as well.

All in all I returned every item in the box and I don’t regret my decision to do so. What did you guys think? Was I right in being disappointed?

The total value of the box was $255 with items being priced: $40-, $55-, $38-, $88-, $34- respectively.

Lots of love,


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